To plan a wedding anywhere in the world comes with a very heavy price tag. So it is very difficult to stick to a budget wedding, so sometimes people need to owe money to meet their extra expenses of just cut down the wedding budget to an average wedding budget.
So, here are some unique ideas that will help you with your budget and will let you know where to focus on having a budget wedding.

What are the basics of a budget wedding?

If you are on a tight budget and you want to have a successful wedding day then here are five important things that will help you set up your budget wedding in a successful way.
⦁ Venue location:

So the first important thing that everyone knows and needs to have is a venue location. Now the venue location need not be in an extravagant and highly-priced hotel or any other location.

average wedding budgetThis can be your backyard or your local church or synagogue. This can be a park as those are very inexpensive to get married. So when you are looking around locations to hold your wedding party, you must make sure there are enough restrooms for you and your guests.
This is generally the basic thing but at times it gets overlooked. Approximately 35 to 50 guests, will require 1 restroom, so you can have the maths done and find the adequate number of restrooms required.

⦁ Food and Beverage:

Guests attending your party need to be served some foods and beverages as this is a preconceived notion to serve something to guests attending your event. And it is not that you need to serve a five-course meal or alcohol.

Instead of doing a plated dinner, you can opt for a buffet. Also while looking for food options, try looking for something that is not meat-based, whether that’s a personal preference or dietary restrictions it’s up to you.
But anything that is made up of grains and vegetables is a lot cheaper. So if you have pasta or taco filled with supplements of beans and rice or even a pizza would save you a lot of money on food.
You can also put the theme of your reception to an appetizer or dessert only as you don’t have to serve a full meal. But for this, you need to let your guests know via your invitation or email, etc that full meal will not be served.
And for beverages, you don’t need to add alcohol, you can go with beer and wine or even water, ice tea and soda only as this would be a lot more affordable.

⦁ Seating:

You need to have a seating arrangement at your event as you cannot hold a standing event only ceremony and even if you do that, make sure it’s really fast. As you won’t want people on high heels to stand for an hour ar that may be very cruel on them.

wedding tipsFor your reception, renting tables and chairs could cost you a lot more than your budget. So it is advised that while choosing your venue, also look for tables and chairs whether they are providing them or not.
Also, you can be creative and have a picnic themed wedding. You just need to borrow some blankets from your home or your family or friends. And you can have your guests enjoying a beautiful day lounging on the grass over a cute blanket.
But apart from these you also need some sort of seating arrangement for people who cannot sit on the ground or stand on the grass for a longer time.

⦁ Wedding Dress :

You don’t need to buy a $5000 wedding dress for your wedding if you want, then that’s up to you. But for people who are not willing to spend that much on their wedding dress, they must find some alternative. You can visit aliexperess to make a custom wedding dress under $300

You can buy a second-hand dress. You can rent a dress, also you can borrow a dress. You can look online for some sale and get a beautiful dress for yourself much cheaper. And if you are wearing a suit, you can rent instead of purchasing.
You just need something beautiful to wear no matter it is white or not. You just need something to be unique on your wedding day.

Wedding and Engagement Ring Cost :

Average engagement ring and wedding ring cost near $7000 in USA.But you can get your wedding and engagement rings under $2500. Now there is a trend to sapphire rings mainly for peach sapphire and padparadscha sapphire engagement rings.Also blue sapphire engagement rings are very popular since ancient time.If you are looking for a sapphire ring visit Sumuduni gems at Etsy.You can find any kind of sapphire gemstone and they make custom engagement rings   and their prices and qualities are perfect .So you can save thousands on your engagement rings using color stones gemstones rings.


⦁ Capture Memories:

It is advised to rent a photographer for your wedding day for capturing your beautiful moments.

Now here are some tips to make a hired photographer more affordable. See if you can cut the number of hours they are willing to be there. Instead of an eight-hour package, you can go with a six or even five hour-package.
Again if you are not able to hire a photographer, you can always ask your guests to take photos for you, and to encourage them you can use hashtag wedding photos as a small healthy competition at your wedding as who takes the best photos.

Apart from this, you can also put some additional expenditure and have a good time at a very low budget.
⦁ Music: DJs are a great source of entertainment for your wedding day, a good DJ can either make or break your wedding day.
But if you want to add music to your wedding party and cannot or rather do not want to hire a DJ, then you can use a couple of speakers and a Spotify playlist.
⦁ Decor: You do not need to have flowers for your wedding. But if you are seating guests at the table then you need some decor at the table or else it will feel empty.
So it might be worth considering with some sort of a centerpiece. Whether they can be dollar tree’s cylindrical glass vases with some floating candles in flower deco

Now if you have the budget of hiring any professionals in any of the categories above, then it would be less work for you. And a lot of people will see value in them.
So, for an average wedding budget, you must check the number of guests as the higher they are, the higher goes the bill.
But at the end of the day, everything depends on the budget of your wedding and your priority. Hence plan accordingly for your budget wedding and enjoy one of the best days of your life.