Engagement Party: An engagement party is the first step towards a lovely start of a new relation towards a new phase of life. It is the first big celebration before marriage.
It is held for the purpose of celebrating the couple’s recent engagement and also for the guests of each house to know each other. Traditionally, the Engagement party’s venue used to be at the bride’s parent’s residence or generally hosted by them but now many modern couples tend to host on their own.engagement party

Does Engagement Party worth it?

There are generally four standard pre-wedding events that a lot of couples may or may not celebrate. And out of the four, the first event is the engagement party. And for this party, there are generally 7 steps that are needed to be planed. Let’s have a look at it-

⦁ Who hosts?- Traditionally, it was hosted by the brides’ parents. But nowadays just anyone can host it for you, even your best friends can host it or you yourself can.
A lot of couples have an engagement party organized right after the proposal and it is generally organized by the person who does the proposing. But basically, it’s anyone who wants can host it for you.

⦁ When do you have it?- The engagement party can be anytime when the couple wants to celebrate it. It can be the same night as the proposal being done.
Typically, an engagement party happens a lot closer to the engagement or the proposal itself. And even if delayed, it can happen due to either the couple needs a little more time to get adjusted or if they live away from their family and/or friends.

⦁ Who is invited to the party?- There are generally very few limitations for who you can invite to your engagement party. Generally, the person invited to the engagement party is also invited to your marriage party.
But the person who hosts the party for you may not know who you tend to invite to your wedding. So it’s perfectly fine to go lightly with the invitee list of your engagement.

⦁ How are people supposed to be invited?- It generally depends on the kind of party that you are having.
If it is a formal one, then you would generally send the invitation about a month in advance for everyone to get their schedule adjusted to be at your party.
It also depends on whether you are serving a meal or not, as they may send you their dietary restrictions, etc.
But if you are having a casual party, then a text or a call would be enough.

⦁ Engagement party’s venue- An engagement party can be held anywhere as per your wish or need. More often we see them hosted at someone’s backyard which is generally an informal type of engagement party.
But if you want to have it in an extravagant or a more formal type, you can host them at a specific venue or a restaurant. The best thing about it is that all your food and drinks’ need could be taken care of but it is also a bit expensive.

⦁ Planning the details- Probably one of the most important things about any party would be the details of it, starting from food, drinks to decors and rentals.
Again, it depends on your type of party. If you are casual about it, then you could just serve snacks, beers, etc to your party. You can also hire a catering service to take care of your foodstuff.
And for the rentals and decor portion, you don’t need to spend a lot on them. You just need to focus a bit on the lighting and also you can rent some cocktail tables and linens and for decor purposes, you can have some cute table decor.

⦁ What to wear?- The last thing that you need to focus on is what to wear. Traditionally, the bride would wear something white, but it’s not compulsory to wear white. You could just wear anything that makes you look more beautiful and comfortable.So, these are generally the 7 steps for a perfect engagement party. It’s not compulsory to have a lavish or formal party for your engagement. You could perfectly be informal and excited about it. You just need to remember that it is the start of a new journey in your life and enjoy the moment at your engagement party’s venue.