Moonstone Meaning and Hidden Uses

Just as the name suggests, Moonstone is a natural crystal mineral which embodies the energy of the moon. Moonstone is a mineral that belongs to the family of orthoclase feldspar. It is made up of orthoclase and composed of potassium aluminium silicate. The name, moonstone, is from the moonbeam-like adularescence that emits from its core.

Moonstone and Diamond PendantIt comes with a variety of colours which include green, grey, yellow, blue, brown and peach. Moonstone meaning is inherent. It possesses an attractive and great vitality that rebuff the energy therein in mind and body and flushes pessimism away. This very rare and highly valued moonstone is found in Sri Lanka and India. India is the only place where rainbow Moonstones are found. Over the years, the largest concentration of moonstone mines is located in Switzerland, Norway, Germany, India, Tanzania, Madagascar and Brazil.

It is an important stone that symbolizes a new beginning. It helps with inner growth and serves as a source of strength to the wearer. It helps to sharpen the cognitive intuition, inspiration and enhances perspiration. More so it bring wonderful memories and fortune to lover and economic matters. For its generic energy also raises the passion and latent feminism power as it guides the inner self.

Spiritual Meaning of Moonstone

Moonstone is that rare gemstone that harbours our feminine self. It helps to sort needs in accordance to need and wants. This gemstone is a shade of everything such that it has several healing powers to make wearer(s) not only whole but also to part ways with negativity. It is a powerful birthstone, a lucky stone, a sacred crystal, a balancing stone and a piece of attractive jewellery. It is a perfect gift for a wedding. It is such a magical stone that shines more beautifully when night sets in and gets its power from the magic therein the moon.

Wearing moonstone daily gives the wearer a very powerful control over negativities and help shape responses to those things thereby giving a chance for self-healing.

Moonstone is also used to heal from both physical and spiritual. It is closely associated with rhythms of the human body, female cycle and is used for psychological and hormonal balancing and to the endocrine. It reduces fluid retention, promotes growth in both teens and adults

Secret Benefits of Moonstone

It is referred to as “the Traveller’s Stone”. For travellers when this gemstone is kept in their various means of transportation, it keeps evil away from the road and ensures safe trips. Moonstone protects the wearer from any anxiety or negativity. It brings anxiety under control. In short, moonstone is a stone for protection of night travels, journeys on sea, pregnancy and childbirth. Moonstone serves as a guiding stone. Due to its composition, rhythms and clarity, it helps wearer out of being consumed by drowsing. It is also an important stone for meditating.

What Chakra is Moonstone?

Sacral, third-eye, crown and heart chakra works together with the moonstone to connect wearers to the metaphysical world which is where inspiration is derived and channelled into our intuitive mind. It further enhances self-reflection and making judgments and decisions are now more objective and straight when one wears moonstone.

How does Moonstone Shine and Glow in the Dark?

Because it is made of Adularescence, the optical gives it extraordinary glowing shades on the surface of moonstone. The light then glides across it which makes it very attractive and glow.

Moonstone as an Engagement Ring

The beauty of the moonstone is exhilarating because of its luminous beauty. Because of its rarity, it is a perfect ring for a wedding. It is eye-catching and when accented with sparkle of a diamond, it is such a beauty to behold. It also a bringer of good tidings and bliss. All that is needed to complement a wedding is a piece of Moonstone.