What is November Birthstone

Hello, who are the lucky November babies? If you have a question about November birthstone, then read this, Good news you have two beautiful natural birthstones to choose.

1 .Topaz


Both gemstones are not expensive but very beautiful. Topaz comes in rainbow colour, but most common and famous colors are light blue and London blue.

Most citrines are yellow and have an orange hue. As these stones are not expensive, you can find over five ct stone for an excellent price point.

And if you are in the jewellery business, you can start making citrine jewellery with a low budget and can make the high-profit margin.

If a 1-carat sapphire price is $1000 the same size Citrine, topaz price is less than $50.

The November Birthstone Meaning 

Ancient people believed that Citrine is carrying the power of the sun. You know there is no life without sun, so Citrine has high spiritual value among natural stones.

 Natural Citrine Crystal

Natural Citrine Crystal

It brings joy, happiness and comfort to life, like the sunlight in the morning. If your partner finding new hopes to live, why not give one of citrine jewellery. That will bring a new era of life.

Also, it helps to clean mind soul then you can focus more on your life, and it will contribute to success in your job and studies even your life.

According to the Chinese feng shui, Citrine brings wealth and health as its in-depth brownish-orange look its perfect to any skin color. But mostly it matches with white skin.

The top source of this fantastic Citrine is Spain, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, Bolivia.

Citrine Birthstone Care and Cleaning.

Citrine Mohs scale hardness is 7.Thats mean it quite hard stone and suitable for ordinary wear. It no needs special care or cleaning process. You can clean your Citrine with warm soapy water. And it is not recommended to exposes high heat and steam cleaning. It can clean with an ultrasonic machine without a problem.

Also if your jewellery makes with Silver, make sure to do rhodium plating it will keep its shine and bright look for a long time. Otherwise, Silver becomes oxidation and not shine like before.

Topaz Birthstone Meaning

As we mentioned in earlier topaz are come with every color in the rainbow. So you can pick one of your most favorite colour, topaz gemstones.

blue topaz crystal

Blue Topaz Crystal

But the most common one is the blue topaz. Ancient Indians believe topaz want to warn above the heart like pendent or like that. They think it helps to bring long life heart health. Also, it is famous as the stone of Intelligence and beauty. They believe that the wearer attracts people. So that’s mean if you are a leader, Youtuber or actor wears a topaz stone. But it must be a natural gemstone.  

The primary source of November birthstones is Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, United States and Mexico. 

Topaz Birthstone Care and Cleaning.

Topaz Mohs scale hardness is eight; it means its harder and durable than Citrine and perfect for standard ware.

You can clean your topaz jewellery with warm soapy water and no need special care. And please make sure to not touch with the hard surface it will cause to scratch your stone.

 It is entirely safe with ultrasonic cleaning and not recommend to exposes high heat it will cause to crack the stone.

If you like, you can mix up topaz and Citrine to make your birthstone ring or pendant.  we are very like to know what is your favorite stone of November? Crintie or Topaz comment below.

London blue topaz ring

London blue topaz ring

Emerald Cut Citrine engagement ring set

Emerald Cut Citrine engagement ring set