Godmother not only help Cinderella to dress up but told her some beauty rules. The wedding makeup artists overheard them and noted them down. If you want to look like a real-world Cinderella, you must follow 8 pro tips that will make your prince charming to constantly gaze upon you.

beauty rules for brides
We asked different beauty experts about does and don’ts that brides should follow when they are getting married, below are the results that we concluded through our survey:

Here are the 8 things that every bride must remember and keep in mind and follow the expert advice.

Skin needs your gentleness:

Your skin is fragile and delicate, and all it needs is taken care of. The products used on the skin must be best and anti-allergic. Below are some expert opinions that you must consider.

Shauné Hayes from Washington DC gives the advice to wear a hat or apply sunscreen when avoiding sunburns. The Sunburns can totally change the brides look as the products have already been matched. She works in Shauné Hayes Makeup + Hair Artists.

Ashley Stone from New York gave expert advice of makeup to adhere to. She always suggests not making the skin too moist or applying a lot of lotion even when the skin is dry. She works in Beauty Entourage in Rye.

Styling your hair

If you want to look perfect on your wedding day, you must follow what Natalie Lavin says. She does not recommend laser surgeries, trying new products on the skin, or any treatment that involves chemicals just a week before the wedding. Doing such things can do any reaction to the skin. She is from Florida and works in Hair and Makeup I DO in Boca Raton.

Kathy Schultz insists on applying sunscreen daily that includes SPF 15. She is from Washington DC and works in Blend Make-up Artistry.

Handling breakouts:

It is more likely to have small rashes, acne, and pimples, not worry and let an expert deal with it.

Kathy Schultz advises not to freak out when there is any break out on the skin. The bride to be must look perfect. Kathy recommends consulting a makeup artist to sort out the skin break out the problem. She does not recommend treating the pimple all by yourself.

Hair protection:

Hair is the most essential part of completing a look. Ashley Stone recommends the brides to trim their hair and shampoo at least once a week. Doing this, they will have healthy hair, and almost no split ends. The hair won’t get dried out by trying these tricks. The hair will look perfect if someone wants to have curls on their big day.

Natalie Lavin also shares the same views. She recommends trimming hair every three to six months to avoid split ends. She does not recommend brides to have any treatment to hair a week before the wedding. The keratin treatment won’t work when it comes to styling because the hair will become too smooth and silky.

The serious cut is not recommended by Shaun Jenkins, as it is thought that it can affect the already finished look for the big day.


Hair dye is an essential part of a bride. The hair dye that fits best can change you a lot.

Ashley Stone prefers dyeing the hair almost two weeks before the main day as the color will settle by time and look more natural and flawless.

Shauné Hayes shares thoughts about coloring and advises the clients not to dye their hair just before the wedding as it can turn into a disaster.

Wax; to get rid of extra hair:

The extra hair is the problem of every second girl out there. And everyone wants to get rid of those unwanted minions. But here are some points every bride out there must know before waxing or threading extra hair.makeup trial

Kathy Schultz from the blending team shares her opinion with the client not to wax or thread just near the main day. At least you must do such things a week before, so if you notice any rashes or allergy, you can consult a makeup artist.
Shauné Hayes shares her opinion that she has watched several brides doing waxing and threading a day ago. The results are not in favor. Once a bride got serious burns and bumps too. The burns were hidden with makeup, but bumps still appeared, making the bride’s overall look not eye-catchy. She has experience with several brides whose skin broke out because waxing and threading either on the same day or a day before.

Spraying tan:

Getting yourself a darker complexion has become an elite trend. Here are the points that you must keep in mind before having tan skin.

Natalie Lavin does not suggest to spray tan too much. She says that there is a big difference between having a dark complexion and an orange complexion.

As far as airbrush tanning is considered, Ashley Stone suggests doing this 2-3 days before the main day.

Keeping yourself hydrated and taking rest:

The more you drink water, the more natural skin you will get. Kathy Schultz recommends getting yourself hydrated to have a natural glow on the main day.

There is no doubt that water is an essential element. But do you know that taking plenty of water ultimately helps get the best skin and maintain the body? Natalie Lavin recommends drinking plenty of water if a bride wants to look naturally beautiful with perfect skin and body.

Brides often get stressed out and do not have proper sleep and rest. Shauné Hayes advises to get proper sleep and rest to look fresh on the main day. If you do not drink enough water and take good sleep, it will result in dull eyes, tiredness, eye darkness, and many more things on the main day.

Stressing out:

Taking stress is human nature. We as humans take stress over little things that, in the end, gives the worst results.

Natalie Lavin recommends not to take stress as it can damage the skin, the hair, and other parts of the body.

Kathy Schultz adds excitement about the wedding by sharing thoughts. She feels that a wedding ceremony is the best thing that ever happens. After choosing perfect colors, dresses, flowers, and drinks, enjoy the party by rehearsing the vows, adding last-minute notes to grooms, and making everything out on time.