Choosing a wrong makeup artist can result in a disaster in a flash. We have gathered several questions that you must ask before hiring a makeup artist to be more concerned about how you look. You can glisten on your big day if you hire the wedding makeup artist by asking these questions.

Every trend comes for a specific time; the same is for makeup trends. Want to be as pretty as a pi

wedding makeup

Pcture kind of bride? Then choose the best wedding makeup artist for you.

Choosing a wedding makeup artist is the most important task to do. If the artist is not perfect, it can transform beauty into a beast. Ask the 10 most important questions before hiring a makeup artist for your special day.

Availability check?

Before hiring a wedding makeup artist, ask for availability. Tell the wedding date to your artist and ask if he is free or not. Not only this, confirm the timing of the wedding artist so you may do everything on time.

Pricing and packages:

A very important thing to ask is the cost and packages that the artist will give. Sometimes the rate list uploaded is out of date, may have errors or just another package. Make sure to ask the total amount and services the makeup artist offers face-to-face or on a phone call. Check for further details also.

Knowing about the side of the bread that is buttered is important for you. Bring the charges and packages into a book. Ask if there are any hidden charges or if a trial is also given or not. Do not forget to check your budget.

Available to travel with you:

Make sure that your wedding makeup artist can move with you. Sometimes you have preplanned your wedding destination, but sometimes plans change at the last moment. So you must ask your makeup artist if he is available for you wherever you want to go, or you must have to follow what he likes.

Some couples prefer to hire a local makeup artist to keep a hold over the purse strings while others just make the purse strings go loose and prefer the best makeup artist.

Asking for a makeup trial:

Everything is not perfect, but it is a common saying that practice makes a man perfect. Do you want yourself much to be desired on your big day? Do not risk it; ask for a makeup trial from your artist. It will help you both, he will understand what you want, and you will know the artist’s expert level.

Basic things like eye makeup, mascara, foundation, and base must all be set, and the makeup artist will know either you like dark makeup or light one.


Does anybody wish to look awful on the best day? No, certainly not. Gone are the days when we relied upon reviews; it’s a new generation. You must ask for the portfolio of your wedding makeup artist. Ask for the pictures and videos of the previous looks he created. By looking into testimonials, you can have an idea about what looks an artist creates.

Do not rely upon reviews only; choose what you like.

Products that wedding makeup artist use:

Is your wedding makeup artist making you look exotic but using the products that do not suit you? Are you allergic to brands that include preservatives, and you are recommended to use natural products only? Still, you are not sure what things your makeup artist use? These things are really important to know as they can spoil your big day celebration. Ask your makeup artist to show you the products he/she is using and try to tell them what suits you.

makeup trial

If your makeup artist makes an ex parte decision without telling you, then you must talk to him and tell him about the things you want. Check for the products that your wedding makeup artist is using in detail before signing the deal.

Tricks and techniques for making makeup look fresh and long-lasting:

An expert artist always knows what tricks are used to make his work worthy. Although the wedding day ceremony is just for a few hours, it seems a long day full of emotions and excitement. Not only this, it will be remembered for ages, and you have to look best. Do not hesitate to ask about the tricks that your makeup artist will use on a special day to make your makeover long-lasting. Ask for the details artist will make on your face so you will look perfect in photos too. To elevate your incertitude, ask about different little things that pop up into your mind.

Availability for making looks for others:

Imagine you have a perfect look, but your bridesmaids and close ones are not looking good. Everyone wants to look prettier, and you must ask your makeup artist about making your loved ones look exotic on your big day. Commonly, most of the brides want their maids to get ready by the same makeup artist from whom they are getting ready but make sure that your makeup artist has enough time for making you and your dear ones look perfect. You may also ask if he/she has enough time to make your mother or grooms’ mother ready for the event.

Suggestion for bridal looks:

Everyone cracks up for their skills, but asking a question about bridal looks will reveal a lot about your makeup artist. Your chiseled features can look more attractive if the makeup artist knows which bridal look will be perfect for you. This question will give you an in-depth idea of nature, the proficiency level, and how your makeup artist deals with the client. If the discussion does not end up reasonably, it can give you an experience of what you want in a makeup artist.

Asking for the copy of the contract:

Do not hesitate while asking about the copy of the contract before signing it. There are many terms and conditions that you won’t know before reading, or they just skip out of mind. Make sure you have read each and everything before going further and signing the contract.

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