What should my wedding band engraving be?

The wedding ring is a sign of commitment to your spouse; it is a constant reminder of your vow to love and cherish them all your life. As such, it ought to have a personalized message engraved on it. Here, you have an entire ocean of wedding ring engraving ideas that you could feature on your band ranging from sentimental messages to humor, to religious or romantic or just plain simple. This is a special message for the two of you engraved inside the shank or, even more interesting on the stone’s perimeter – yes, you can engrave your message on the rim of the rock itself.

We have some ideas to sail you through this medieval Europe tradition.

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Wedding ring engraving ideas and styles

On average a marriage lasts 40 years. With this in mind, you want to choose the message engraved on your wedding band very carefully as it will tag along all through the 40 years or even longer. Are you clueless? You don’t know where to start? Looking for something different rather than the obvious? You are in the right place; we got your back. Below we share some insights for choosing a message to engrave on your wedding ring.

 Traditional Style

Traditional ring engravings is one of the popular styles with most of the couples. Many opt for it since it is very simple and basic. It is a timeless idea that many hold to heart. Here are some variations of the traditional engraving style

Names and Initials

A good number of couples opt to have the names of their spouse’s engraved on their rings. This serves as a constant reminder of the person they love. Remember it is your spouse’s name on your ring and never your name on your ring.

Other than using your spouse’s name only, you can always play around with this style in a couple of ways. One would be combining your name with your spouse’s name. Traditionally, the bride’s maiden name is used here.

Alternatively, you could use your initials combined with your spouses initials – you could use first name initials only or use first and middle name initials. This helps on saving space on the wedding band.

To connect the names or initials, you can use “and” or “&” or “+”. Depending on the size of the ring, you could use both names or just one name. The beauty of this style is that it incorporates both your names in one ring as a symbol of your unity forever.

Pet Names

Most (if not all) couples have sweet and sugary names that they use to refer to their loved ones. It could also be a phrase or name that the two of you have a special meaning for, a lingo. The ring is a perfect place for these names to rest. Not only is it sentimental but also very unique. 


As a couple, you must have dates that you consider very special to you. It could be the date you first met, your first official date, a date where you had an interesting occurrence together, your spouse’s birthday, or better still your wedding date.wedding ring engarving ideas Depending on which one you hold closest to you, you could have it engraved on your wedding ring. Whether you choose your wedding date or your spouse’s birthday, the ring will also serve as a reminder for you not to forget your anniversary or their birthday. Dates are short enough and perfectly fit on the rings.


To twitch this traditional style a little bit, you could use a combination of dates and names. For instance you could use your spouse’s name and their birthday, or their name and your wedding or engagement date.

Romantic quotes

You have that romantic phrase that you always say to your partner that reflects how you really feel about them and in turn it melts their heart. Please engrave it on their ring. If it’s too long, you could use its initials. When you are away, your partner will always take a look at it and smile.forever yours wedding ring engraving ideas

Alternatively, inscribe something that describes where your relationship is headed. Something that describes this forever bond. Something that gives you hope in each other. Something that makes you want to fight for each other in the event your marriage is faced with challenges in the future. Something that touches their heart.

Religious quotes

Are you both spiritual? If so, you could consider inscribing a verse from the book of the faith that you subscribe to; could be the Bible, the Quran or any other spiritual faith. You could quote the whole verse or part of it or just the chapter and verse. It is a good idea to have the verse reflected in your vows as well. This helps to set the foundation of your marriage.

You could get creative with it

“It’s never that serious”, right? You do not have to be all serious face with your wedding ring engraving. You can decide to put a smile on your partner’s face all their lives by putting a quirky inscription on their ring. It could also be a phrase that cracks the both of you or an inside joke that only the two of you understand. E.g “non-refundable” “put me back on” etc. whenever they take a look at it, they will always laugh it out. Interesting way to go!


As a couple you could have a quote that you love and inspires you. Could be from a song that resonates with you, a phrase from the movie that you watched on your first date, a love poem that reflects the essence of your relationship, a book or even a phrase from your first dance song. This can also be engraved on your wedding bands.


It could be details of things that you have done together for the first time that you hold sentimental. You could inscribe the actual activity, the place where it took place or the date when it took place. This serves as a constant reminder of moments that you hold close to your heart forever. A very good and unique idea for the wedding ring engraving.


They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If you and your spouse are visual people, you can opt to have symbols engraved in your wedding rings. It could be a traditional symbol of love like the hearts. You could also consider the infinity symbol or trinity knot to depict your eternity together.

A different idea would be inscribing an image of something that you both live. Could be a sport, some scenic landscape or even an activity that you both enjoy doing.

An impressive way to symbolize that your spouse has your heart is inscribing their fingerprint on your ring and vise versa.

Spice up the engraving on your ring

Now that you have an idea of the message you’d love engraved on the ring, It’s time to spice it up a little bit. To make the engraving on your ring more interesting and fun, you could try out some of the following ideas;

  • Play around with the font to make it look a little bit fancy to your preference. If you like it simple, you could just stick with the regular fonts. If you are an extra couple, you want to get some artistic font to compliment the engraving.
  • Try working with a different language. You could consider phrases in French, Latin or Italian. Better still, you could consider translating your engraving to your native language, how interesting is that!
  • Have you given some old English some thought? Think of Shakespeare, his language, is that not the language of love? There’s just something about old English that makes the intention deep and romantic at the same time.
  • Split messages is also a great wedding ring engraving idea. This is where the phrase is split into two parts; one pert goes to the bride’s band while the other goes to the groom’s band. This whole idea symbolizes the act of two individuals coming together to form one couple.
  • Keeping the engraving a secret is also a great idea. Here, you get to choose the engraving for your spouse’s ring and they don’t get to know the message till the wedding day when you officially give them the ring. This turns out to be a very sentimental wedding gift to each other. It is certainly worth the shot.

All these are different ways in which you could further personalize your wedding ring engraving.

How to go about ring Engraving

You have your message, you have spiced it up, now you need to have it engraved on the ring; it’s time to get the job done. But how exactly or where do you get it done.

Most jewelers offer ring engraving services and if not, they should refer you to someone with experience and expertise in wedding ring engraving. Though it varies from one to another, it could be free or at a small cost. Some jewelers offer the service for free. Some of the factors that could determine the price of engraving is the design of the inscription. If the design is complex, you could pay a bit more than a simpler design. The number of the characters, whether it is hand or machine engraved, font, the weight of the stone are some of the other factors that determine the cost of the engraving.

Another aspect to consider is the inscription time. Some can be done on the spot while for others you will need to wait for up to a month. Always consult with your jeweler in good time to avoid inconveniences and to enable you to plan ahead.

Once you are fully settled on the wedding engraving of your choice, always write it down to ensure that it is accurate and double check it before handing it over to the engraver. The engraver will then refer to the written copy as they engrave your ring. Once it’s been engraved make sure you check it before the wedding to make sure it’s correct and if not, have some time to have it corrected.

Some factors to consider

When settling on your wedding ring engraving, always consider the following factors.

  • The length of the phrase or the size of the image/symbol. Make sure you settle on something that will fit to the size of the ring.
  • The timeline. Factor in enough time to have the ring engraved and more time for a correction in case there is an error the first time. Remember some designs take longer than others.

I hope you are well inspired to come up with a wedding ring engraving. Have fun as you develop the one statement that you spouse will tag along with all their lives. Cheers!

Some Ideas to engrave

Forever and Ever
Forever Entwined
Forever in Love
Forever in My Heart
From This Day Forward All My Love
All My Love, All My Life
Always for Forever
Endless As This Shall Be Our Bliss
Faithful Love Will Ever Last
For You Alone
From This Day On
Grow Old with Me
Happy Ever After
Here Is My Heart, Guard It Well
How Do I Love Thee
I Do
I Love You Most
[Infinity symbol] Joy Without End
Never to part
To my wife/husband
Soul mates forever
I’m always with you
To have and to hold
Here is my heart; guard it well!
No one but you