Bridal Shower: The bridal showers or wedding showers are held for a bride-to-be just before her wedding, it is an even where the friends and family members or the invitees give gifts to the future wife.

Well, the history of this tradition is not necessarily giving gifts but it was originally held to provide financial assistance and goods to the couple so that the wedding may not be postponed and held in time.

Everything you need to know about Wedding showers

Bridal Shower

Wedding showers typically happens about 1 to 2 months before the wedding day. It is the celebration where the loved ones and your friends can come together and shower you with gifts and spend a great time with you. Generally, the registry may happen during this bridal shower day.

This party is generally hosted by the bride’s closest friends or more often by the bridesmaid. It can be hosted by their family as well.

Now to host a wedding shower there are certain things that you must keep in mind.

  • Ask couples- Before the wedding about 3 to 4 months before, you can ask the couple about their wedding expectations, what time of the day do they want it to happen, do they wish any theme wedding.
    You can know their expectations and take ideas for the wedding showers or you can just think of any theme you want to present them.
  • Find a location- You can also talk to the couple and know about any specific location they want it to happen. More often a bridal shower happens at someone’s home. It could be a friend’s home or a family member’s home.
  • Guest List- Perhaps the most important thing you need would be the guest list. As the guests who are invited and appear at the wedding shower, do need to be invited to the wedding too. As it won’t be appreciated to invite someone who would gift you on your wedding shower and then not get invited to the wedding.
  • Tool Party- There may be some grooms or even brides who may not be interested in the traditional wedding shower with games and opening presents, etc.


So in that case, you can host a tool party where you can register as a power-tool which may be a hammer, a drill, a barbeque.

  • Invitations- Before about 2 months of the party, you must figure out how you are sending the invitation, what you want them to look like, etc.
    You can also get free templates downloaded from various websites and customize them and sent them over mail or email them. But you must remember, it’s not the couple hosting the party, so you must put the RSVP email either you or someone who is helping you host the bridal shower.
  • Set a Budget- You must establish a budget before the bridal shower as there is a wedding to attend within a couple of months. So you must have a look at your budget as these small events before the wedding can add up to a surprisingly huge amount.
  • Group Chat- You can also have a group chat among your friends whoever wants to help you out with this event hosting and also you all should stay in the same communication. Also, it’s a great idea to centralize that communication through a group chat or call, etc.
  • Assign Task- Once you have your budget and theme settled, now it’s the time for you to assign tasks. You don’t need to handle each segment of the party, you can assign people who are willing to help and assign them different tasks.
  • Send invites- Almost a month before the party, you must send invites to people. You have decided the style, the theme and now it’s time to send them to the respective invitees.
  • Buy Supplies- If you haven’t bought supplies yet, then this is the perfect time to get started as you won’t want the last minute panic to occur.
  • Start Favors- If you are doing favors, then now it’s the time to do that. Even if it’s a party for 30 people, and you want to gift each of them a hand made memento or stuffs like that then it’s the perfect time to start favors.
  • Check-in Helpers- If you want everything to be in time, then you must check your helpers and get the status of the assigned jobs given to them.
  • Write Your shopping list- 2 weeks before the party, you must make sure that the shopping list of the groceries, food items, etc. ready with you as you don’t want to miss out on the day of the event and then run to get things.
  • Shower games- Some people like them while others tend to stay away from, you can always think about them and search them and keep ideas ready.
  • The layout should be done- A week before the party, you can have your layouts done as to where you will have the games, foods, etc. This is not a formal wedding layout but you just need to have an idea of it.
  • Buy groceries- if you are the one responsible to buy groceries, this is the time.
  • Finalize details- Just a couple of days before the party, it’s the time to finalize all details and host the party.

So these were the list of things, you need to know about wedding showers. If you follow them, you are going to present a memorable bridal shower to Mr. and Mrs. to be.