If you are land to to this post ,most probably you are gonna buy sapphire stone in near future.That’s why you are searching for information about sapphires.

Here we gathered some top tips of blue sapphires. This guide definitely helpful to choose a natural blue sapphire stone that fit your budget.

In this post, I will teach how to identify blue sapphire gemstone without any experience in the field.

Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire Gemstone in Cushion Cut Color: Cornflower Blue

Without any doubt, blue sapphires are the most noticeable gemstone and its very famous since ancient times. Some celebrities are using blue sapphires because they believe it helps to grow there fame and wealth. Also now modern brides are more likely to ware Sapphire rings instead of overpriced diamonds.

Are sapphires naturally blue?

What do you think? everyone talking about blue sapphires and so many are thinking that sapphires are blue. That’s wrong! We can find any color sapphire gemstone namely Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Green, White, etc. But among most of the colors, blue sapphires are the most popular color of sapphires. But nowadays Peach, Padparadscha colors have become so popular with modern brides. Also, white sapphires are the best alternative option for diamonds.

These are some interesting facts about blue sapphires :

Color: Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, Purple, White, Orange, Grey, Brown

Luster: Vitreous, Adamantine

Birthstone zodiac sign: Virgo

Associated month: September

Crystal system: Hexagonal crystal system

Chemical formula: Al₂O₃

Hardness (Mohs hardness scale): 9

What does the blue sapphire represent?

Blue sapphires represent health and wealth and it believes wearer can achieve health, wealth and fame upon wearing. Also, it believes blue sapphire brings new opportunities, Job promotions to life. And it represents true love and honesty. If you love to know more about the spiritual value of blue sapphire read this post.

Can you wear a sapphire every day?

Yes, no problem sapphires moh’s scale hardness is 9. And it’s only second to diamonds and its value is 10. So Sapphire is the second most hard stone in the earth. So it does not stretch with metals and daily usage. But if you wear a big sapphire stone everyday its not recommend. Also if you wear your sapphire every day make sure to clean your stone. If not it will lose its sparkling which it had before. You only want to wash your sapphire with soap water. It will bring it’s natural beauty back to life.

Are dark blue sapphires valuable?Dark blue sapphire vs Cornflower blue sapphire

Yes, every sapphire is valuable because they are natural, not man-made and they are rare. But very dark blue like completely black blue sapphires are not valuable as vivid, Cornflower blue sapphires. But most people believe it has more spiritual power, so most Sri Lankans wear dark blue sapphires and they call “Kaka Nil ”   to the blue sapphires and the other reason is they are less valuable and they can afford them.

How can you tell if a sapphire is real?

There are some qualities in sapphires, Some experienced people also cant identify synthetic, lab-created sapphires. Here are a few tips to Identify real sapphires. Sapphires are comparatively heavier than other stones. You should feel the difference in weight. Natural sapphires normally tend to have inclusions. As the gemstone forms in nature,  minuscule traces of foreign matter are bounded with the stone. These inclusions are the key features between natural and synthetic sapphires. You can use a magnifying glass or jewelry loop to see inside of the stone. When you see the inside stone use a bright light source. It will help to see them clearly. If you not sure about your sapphire gemstone you can get a report from Gem lab like GIA, GIC or GRC.

How much it cost for a 1-carat sapphire?

It mainly depends on color, Clarity, Carat Weight, Cut, Origin of the stone. Mostly 1 ct blue sapphire gemstone with good clarity good luster weight more than 2000 USD. Sometime it will more valuable than this or less valuable depending on the qualities of the stones. Also, ct value will dramatically increase with the stone weight. Assume, 1 ct Sapphire value only 500 USD so 2-carat sapphire is $1000. No! 2-carat sapphire will be over $3000 and sometimes over 5 ct sapphire which is very rare and it will cost more than $5000 per ct.

What is Ceylon Blue Sapphire?

World Largest Sapphire


When we talk about sapphires Ceylon, in other names Sri Lanka (ancient Sri Lanka is known as Ceylon ) is the main country we want to talk about. Sri Lanka has over 2000 years of written history on its Gem industry. Most fine quality blue sapphires and padparadscha sapphires have come from Sri Lanka. Also, they supply so many big stones in the world. The world’s biggest sapphire was found in the Sri Lanka Ratnapura area. Ceylon Blue sapphires are a brand when sapphire gemstone comes from Sri Lanka we call it’s a Ceylon Sapphire. Ceylon sapphires have very good luster and very good colour and clarity, so without a doubt, they are more expensive and rare.

Do sapphires hold their value?

Yes of course. Sapphire value increases day by day because of its limited availability and the rareness and thereby, the price is naturally increasing without any doubt. Sometime it will double the price within one year. Because the young generation has not come to this industry as they do not like to work in mines so there are very limited human resources are involved in this mining industry.That mean less suply and great demand.

What is the rarest color of sapphire?

Padparadscha sapphire

The rarest sapphire color is pinkish-orange we call that color as ‘Padparadscha’ Sapphire. It’s the color of lotus and very hard to find a perfect match.  we have a complete guide of padparadscha sapphires and you can get more details on here. 

If you tied to find a perfect natural padparadscha sapphire for your engagement ring or pendant just visit here.

How to identify quality blue sapphire gemstone without any experience

1. First of all, you want to know that sapphire natural or not. So you want to test your sapphire from Gem Lab. Most of the diamond jewelers do not know about sapphires so it’s better if you can check your sapphire from reputed gem lab.

First, you can see the color of sapphire gemstone too dark blue sapphires and too light blue sapphires hold less value.

2. You won’t see even color of stones if it has color patches and mix colors they do not consider as quality stones.

3. See carefully about the cut of the stone some stones have huge bottoms. They have carat weight but no perfect cut so they also consider as not good quality ones.

4.Carat size of the stone if your stone over 3 ct actually it’s quite rare and you are very lucky.When it over 3 ct that is great when valuing them.

5. Patches and cracks of stones, if you can see some cracks in stone they are not quality stones you better avoid this kind of stone because they can crack over time.

6. Mostly cornflower blue and Royal blue are the best colors for blue sapphires but light colors too are beautiful and it depends on personal preferences.


Is Sapphire good for an engagement ring?

Now sapphires are more popular as engagement and wedding rings, No wonder sapphires have any color you like so you can find the color you like the most. Also, they are affordable than diamonds so you don’t want to rob your bank to get a sapphire ring. Sapphires are the second hardest stone so it is scratch-resistant so it is perfect for everyday use. You can find some beautiful sapphire engagement ring designs here and if you love to know more about blue sapphires you can visit here

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