Here are some basic knowledge factors you should have when making your decision!

1. Diamonds come in various cuts, know the shape you want to purchase for the ring you would love to make!
Diamond cuts by
2. Know your clarity, it’s completely normal for diamonds to have inclusions! A bang for buck is sticking to SI Clarity which means the diamonds is slightly included, however the top spectrum is flawless and lower end is highly included.

Diamond clarity identification chart

3. Know your colour, diamonds have a color range from colourless to yellow shades! What’s the best? The more towards colourless!
Diamond colour identification chart
4. Know your carat weight, this refers to how big your diamond is! Bigger the carat weight the bigger the diamond
Diamond carat weight vs finger
5. Last but not least, it’s very easy to be scammed so make sure you certify you’re diamond and get an expert opinion on it!
Diamond buying tips
Here are some useful pointers if you’re planning to purchase a diamond !