When you come for shop engagement rings there are plenty of options to choose.But we want to get maximum value for our money, So what we can do to get the highest value for our money. Some of you may think there are very few options to choose under a limited budget. Its totally wrong you want only a few hrs to do proper research. Here we found 7 unique and affordable engagement rings for a limited budget. Let us know what is your favorite one .

01. Unique 3 Stone Peach Sapphire Ring

Three stone peach sapphire ring

A delicate handmade peach sapphire engagement ring features natural Ceylon peach sapphire center stone that looks perfect and sparks. The main stone is a natural peach sapphire gemstone in round cut. Peach sapphires are so popular among modern brides. You can follow our peach sapphire engagement ring guide here.

Other stones are natural white topaz a good alternative to diamonds and this 14k tapered band add a more unique look to the ring. So this is a very good ring option under $1000 mark.

02. Three Stone Teal Sapphire Ring 14k Yellow Gold

Teal sapphire ring gold

Here is another three stone affordable engagement ring under $1000 bux. This main sapphire stone is natural round teal green sapphire stone. Stone is in very good round shape and good lustre. This beauty also features 2 white topaz gemstones as side stones and each 3mm.

Center stone is 5.3 mm round cut natural sapphire stone set with a tapered band handcraft with 14k yellow gold.This ring is perfect as an engagement ring or anniversary ring. It also matches with a nature theme. So if your loved one loves to nature this is a great gift option. You can find it here 

03 Unique Hidden Halo Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

Some of the ring lovers want to bold their main stone so they don’t like halo settings. So here is a perfect ring design with a hidden halo. unique hidden halo blue sapphire ring

A perfect blue sapphire diamond ring handmade with 14k yellow gold. The most unique part of this ring is its hidden halo design. It’s absolutely beautiful and unique. And it helps to bold the main stone. The main stone is a natural round blue sapphire stone from Sri Lanka weight 1.64 carats.

04 Unique  12 Prongs Solitaire Ring With 3+ Carats Blue Sapphire.

Natural Sky blue sapphire Ring

A perfect 3 carat natural light blue sapphire ring handmade with 14k yellow gold. This beautiful ring holds that natural Ceylon blue sapphire stone with 12 prongs it’s so dainty and well crafted. You can see the thin gold band it’s so beautiful for a stone like this. Because it shows off the centre stone. If you are looking for a simple engagement ring here is the ring. You can buy this for less than $1500 at Etsy.

05  Petite Diamond Distance Blue Sapphire Ring

Petite Diamond Distance ring This variation sparkles with a 1+ct. Ceylon blue sapphire. You can find this unique  distance ring on Etsy .

Petite Diamond Distance Blue Sapphire Ring

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