There are plenty of options to choose from when we going to shop for an engagement ring. But modern brides are more like to have nontraditional engagement rings nowadays. When you are going to get an alternative engagement ring you can choose plenty of colors. Let’s say someone’s favorite color is peach color then you can choose a peach color sapphire center stone for her ring . Likewise, there are limitless color options to choose from when you are going to select a nontraditional unique engagement ring.

You can choose so many color stones as your center stone. But if you have some kind of budget for an engagement ring, Then I recommend going with stone can pass generations and hold its value.

So we can recommend sapphires as the best alternative engagement ring option. They are affordable unique and hold their value for generations normally sapphires are rare than diamonds. and its value increase more than 10% per year. So it’s a great investment too.

So today we pick some unique affordable engagement ring options that you can have without spending so much for an engagement ring.

1 Unique Vintage  Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring with 18k  Yellow Gold.

vintage blue sapphire diamond engagement ring oval shape

An absolutely stunning natural blue sapphire diamond engagement ring that features a Natural Sri Lanka blue sapphire center stone that looks amazing. Extraordinary craftsmanship makes it more special and unique. So this vintage-inspired blue sapphire ring will be perfect for those who love royal looking rings.  This ring perfect match who have thin long fingers. The main stone is 3+ carat Ceylon blue sapphire certified with 3rd party gem lab in Sri Lanka.

02 Natural Unheated 3.55 ct Peach Sapphire Engagement Ring  14k Rose Gold.

unheated 3.55 carat peach sapphire diamond engagement ring rose gold

Peach sapphires are so much popular as non diamond engagement ring option. Here we have a large 3.55 carat natural unheated peach sapphire ring handmade with 14k rose gold. The main attraction of this ring is its simple design it helps to show off the big peach sapphire center stone. So this feminine looking simple ring is perfect as an uncommon engagement ring.

03 Natural Ceylon Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring Rose Gold.

natural ceylon padparadscha sapphire engagement ring rose gold

Do you know Padparadscha sapphire is the rarest gemstone in the world. We have an entire guide about padparadscha sapphire please read if you like to know more about this beautiful stone. Padparadscha sapphire mainly comes from Sri Lanka and the meaning “Padparadscha” is the lotus flower. So if it is a natural unheated padparadscha sapphire stone there is a huge value for it. Because unheated Ceylon padparadscha is the rarest gemstone in the world.

This beautiful halo ring features a stunning cushion cut natural padparadscha sapphire stone weight 2+ carats. Stone is beautiful and unique. Rose gold band and pave diamond setting add extra elegant to the center stone. Padparadscha and peach sapphires perfectly match with rose gold . Padparadscha sapphire rings are the perfect and unique engagement ring option to celebrate your unique love story. You can show how much value she is to your life by giving padparadscha a sapphire ring. Unique and rare padparadscha sapphire for a unique love story.

04 Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring Cushion Shape 14k Yellow Gold

Natural cornflower blue sapphire diamond ring 14k yellow gold

A natural cornflower blue sapphire diamond ring features a 1.98 ct natural blue sapphire in a cushion cut. Stone is almost 2 carat and perfect cut, clarity, and luster. Main stone hold with 8 knife edge prongs. It secures the center stone very well and unique. This is a perfect nontraditional engagement ring that loves to something blue and simple.

05 Unique Distance Setting Peach Sapphire Diamond Ring in 14k Rose Gold

unique peach sapphire diamond engagement ring rose gold

So simple and delicate peach sapphire diamond ring features 1.5+ carat center peach sapphire stone that looks clear and sparks. The ring is so unique and simple with its distance diamond setting. Rose gold perfectly matches the tone of peach sapphire stone. Center stone is held with 8 prongs and those prongs are so delicately made.

06 Unique Peach Sapphire Marquise cut Diamond Cluster Ring Rose Gold Ring

Unique Marquise cut diamond Cluster ring Rose gold ring

One of extremely beautiful and unique peach sapphire and diamond rings made with 14k rose gold. This design is so trendy now and has huge demand from modern brides. It features 6 Marquise cut diamonds they are VVS clarity G color. I think this ring is perfect as a unique affordable non traditional ring. You can select center stone carat size and different color center sapphires from the jeweler.

07  Natural Unheated 5 Carat White Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring

5 carat white sapphire engagement ring

Without any doubt, white sapphire is the best diamond alternative. White sapphires are natural and sparks. This 5 carat white sapphire diamond ring is a good investment. Because 5 carat sapphires are rare. And this main stone is unheated so this is the best engagement ring option someone has. Its large sparks and simple what else?

08  Round Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring Unique Distance Setting.

Round blue sapphire diamond ring 14k yellow gold

The dainty blue sapphire diamond ring features 1+ carat certified Ceylon blue sapphire stone in round shape. Center stone has a lovely cornflower blue color and it’s really beautiful. A Unique 8 prong setting adds extra elegance to this unique ring. Can you see the distance diamond setting that ring has, isn’t it really unique? This beautiful ring handmade with 14k yellow gold and center sapphire stone is certified natural stone.

09  Natural 3 Ct Ice Blue Sapphire Ring Handmade 14k Yellow Gold.

3 carat Ice blue sapphire engagement ring

Stunning natural unheated Ceylon light blue sapphire diamond ring handmade with 14k yellow gold. Magnificent natural Ceylon blue sapphire hold with unique 12 prongs. The ring is so simple features 3 carat Ice blue sapphire in SI clarity. Uncommon prongs make it unique. Hope you will agree this beauty is a perfect nontraditional and nondiamond ring.

10 Unique Vintage Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring

natural unheated padparadscha sapphire engagement ring rose gold

Absolutely stunning rose gold sapphire engagement ring features natural unheated Ceylon Padparadscha sapphire 1.03 carat weight. Its setting is unique and inspired by vintage style. The unique diamond setting is so beautiful and dainty . Diamonds are natural VS clarity G-H color. One of the best padparadscha sapphire diamond rings that you can have for a very reasonable price.

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