8 Amazing Facts About Peach Sapphire Engagement Rings

Peach Sapphire Engagement Rings are one of the most beautiful unique ring options if you are looking for an engagement ring.

Loose Peach Sapphire Collection

When it comes to engagement rings, peach sapphire is one of the most sought gemstones. Other than for engagement purposes, the peach sapphire is popular with collectors. People seeking to substitute diamonds also find it a great match. 

The peach sapphire gets their name from the peach or the apricot fruit since it resembles their exterior. Its balanced saturation of orange and pink hues gives it a sunset tone which not only makes it warm but also a soft reminder of love.

The peach sapphire is a gem that you definitely want to take a look at. Having inspected over 2000 peach sapphires, I’ve gathered quite some important tips that you want to consider if you plan on working with peach sapphire. 

Why Peach Sapphire Engagement Rings Are so Popular?

  • They Blend well with the skin

Notably, sapphire engagement rings have become more popular with modern couples. With couples choosing colored jewelry, sapphire has become a top choice for many. The soft hues of orange and pink blends very well with the skin and other jewelry. When combined with rose gold, the peach sapphire engagement rings look perfect – you’ll be sure to have everyone asking where you got it from or complementing it.  

  • They are hard and durable

Sapphires are hard, weighing 9 on the Mohs scale, Which puts them second in terms of strength after diamonds. This makes them a perfect gemstone for jewelry; especially rings which experience high impact. Sapphires easily withstand heat, light chemicals; they don’t easily chip or break.They are very durable and can be worn daily and suits different types of lifestyles. This September gemstone is forever, indeed. They can easily be passed down to generations.

  • They have a wide range of colors

The modern woman is transitioning from traditional white colored jewelry to adding some pop of color. If you are looking to add some color onto your jewelry collection, then sapphire is the rock to find. Their colors range from black to white with most in between colors being available. They have a wide range of soft gorgeous and feminine colors.Just be sure to pick a color that suits your style and personality.

  • They are rare and affordable

Sapphire has managed to maintain fair prices since their market is not monopolized like that of diamonds. This means that the rock remains to have competitive prices. They are also rare compared to diamonds. So if you are looking for a unique gemstone that will not hurt your wallet, then you have every reason to consider owning the sapphires.

  • Royal Usage


The other reason that has really popularized this gemstone is its preference by the royal family and other celebrities. Both princess Eugenie and Princess Diana have sapphire engagement rings. This has certainly popularized the sapphire rings and as a result increasing its demand.

From where Peach sapphire Come from?

Ceylon gem mining at ratnapura Sri LAnaka

While sapphire is mined in almost every continent, peach sapphire mainly comes from Sri Lanka and Madagascar making it quite rare compared to other types of sapphire like the rather common blue sapphire. The source of the gem does not really indicate its quality, but with years of handling sapphires we have come to realize that some mines produce a high percentage of premium sapphire. That said, Sri Lanka is known to produce the most gorgeous peach sapphires.

 Some sapphires may have bubbles, liquid on the inside or even some small cracks at times. While these are acceptable and considered as unique birthmarks that add character to the rock, you need to be on the lookout as if they are big they could damage your stone with time. Since peach sapphires are lighter in color, any such “birthmark” tends to be more noticeable. 

Colour options of peach sapphires.


color variations of peach sapphires

Color variations of peach sapphires

In the formation process of sapphires, some trace elements get mixed in. These trace elements are what gives the sapphires their various colors, which then means that colorless sapphires do not have other elements, other than the basic Aluminium Oxide. Pink sapphires get their color from chromium while yellow and green sapphires get their color from Iron. Chromium and Iron are the elements responsible for the pinkish-orange variations in the composition of the peach sapphire. 

The color variations of peach sapphire range from orange to pink; in between lies peach champagne, blush peach. These are mainly a combination of orange and pink and depending on the saturation of each, the end result is a different shade of the peach sapphire. Peach sapphires are very unique and as they say, no two are alike.

Some peach sapphires have more pink color than orangish and some have more violate color.

If you are looking for more pinkish or more orangish color sapphire no problem contact us, we can help.


Peach sapphire vs Morganite

Left Peach Sapphire

Compared to the peach sapphire which belongs to the corundum mineral family, morganite, which is in the beryl family, is less expensive. With a rate of 7.5 on the Mohs scale, it weighs less that peach sapphire. This means they are relatively soft hence prone to cracking or scratching especially when worn throughout. Unlike the peach sapphire that can be worn on a daily basis without replacement in a lifetime, morganites are highly likely to be replaced and upgraded every so often. They can hardly be passed down to generations.

While peach sapphire sparkles (forever) and does not change color with time, morganite does not sparkle as much. Within a short time, its sparkle fades and starts to become cloudy. After some time of use and exposure to sunlight, the morganites start to fade off and may even turn to a colorless gemstone. 

Further, morganite is very cheap in the market, not more than $100-$200 per ct. In Bangkok, morganite sells for $10 -$ 20. And most of the sellers are not aware of the treatments done to morganite and they are unable to issue certificates. And it’s useless to get the certificate to $10-$15 gemstones by wasting $100 -$150 for a certificate.

Whenever buying, always be keen not to buy morganites at the price of or in the name of sapphire.

Also, remember morganite sell max $100-$200 per ct and sapphires not. So, if you are looking for a ring, use your brain, not your heart!

What is Lab Created or Cultured Peach Sapphires?

This is another trap created by some big companies to fool customers. When it says lab-created or man-made sapphire it is not attractive, so then they came up with a new word, ‘Cultured Sapphires’, What a shame!

So when you buy a sapphire ring, never buy a lab crated or cultured engagement ring. The engagement ring is something eternal so it should be a valuable investment that lasts forever.

I saw some sellers sell lab-created sapphires rings more than $2000 -$5000 and they have sales too. Poor buyers! Actually lab-created sapphires, not worth a penny.Fake sapphire rings

Mainly sapphires came from Sri Lanka they are 100% conflict-free. I have 20+ years of experience in the Sri Lanka gem market. So I know those facts. If you come with lab-created sapphire to Sri Lanka Rathnapura gem market, it is the last day of your gem trade. No one will get stones from you ever.

Quality Parameters of Peach Sapphires

Just like diamonds have, peach sapphires also have standards for grading their quality. However, these colored gemstones have many unique variables and their grading is quite subjective. There is not a standard grading that is established within the trade, the appearance of the gemstone is what really matters. However, below are some points you should have in mind as you evaluate the peach sapphire gemstones.


Normally less than 1-carat peach sapphires are common. When you buy a peach sapphire ring always try to buy over 1 ct stone.

The price of peach sapphire increases with increase in weight. Sapphire value in relation to carat varies from color to color; peach sapphires above 5 carats are hard to come by hence more expensive.


The most popular cut is Oval, And cushion cut, When you choose a sapphire stone you must ask or look about the cut from the seller. Some stones have a huge bottom so they have a small face but carat weight is high because of huge bottom. Avoid stone like that.

And some stones are a light leak, That kind of stones do not spark much and selling at lower prices. A light leak means, that stone does not reflect the light inside the stone.

window ,fish eye sapphire

If the bottom of the gemstone is too thin, probably there will be a light leak. So keep on eye of the bottom of the stone. If it is too much or too little, it’s a problem!

A well cut sapphire should display the best color of the gemstone and at the same time enhances its brilliance and luster.


During the formation of the sapphires, some trace minerals may be trapped inside the gem. Depending on the depth of the color, these inclusions may be unnoticed. However, they are more visible in peach sapphires since they are lighter in color. Sapphires with no inclusions are termed as clean and are considered high quality. They are highly priced in the market.

Always buy eye clean or clean stones. Clean stones are comparatively expensive and normally, 2 to 10 folds or even more expensive than eye clean stones.

Eye clean equal VS-SI

Clean Equal  FI-VVS


Normally, a clear and even toned sapphire is considered of high quality and thus, most expensive.Color is subject but remember it has to be pleasing to your eyes. The color should show well in all lighting conditions. 

The color of sapphire is evaluated based on the hue, tone and saturation.The hue is the body of the sapphire. It comprises the main color any traces of any other color that may be visible. The tone describes how deep the color is while the saturation describes how pure the color is. High saturated sapphires display clean and true colors and as said to have vivid saturation.


Sapphires mainly come from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia, etc. Most Madagascar sapphires have bubbles inside the stones. So it reduces price and Quality of stone. But you can also find quality Madagascar stones too.

Mainly, if you are looking for peach sapphires, buy from Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan sapphires are clear and have good luster.

Normally, Sri Lankan sapphires are much expensive than Madagascar sapphires.

The final thought of Peach Sapphire Engagement Rings

Peach sapphire engagement rings are gorgeous and feminine, with a wide range of colors that blend well with the skin color and reflect the boldness of the modern woman. They are also very rare and unique, setting you apart from the crowd. Remember, no peach sapphire is like any other.
Compared to diamonds, they are more affordable and scratch-resistant hence suitable for daily use. They can be cut in a variety of shapes and styles which makes them perfect for collectibles. The high demand and increase in price for peach sapphire in the market makes them a perfect investment. Can find any cut that you like and more color varieties.

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I am Suranga and you can reach me through, aasurangabandara@gmail.com