Vintage fashion is no longer a trend of the past. More and more couples are incorporating their love of vintage era clothing into their daily wardrobe and special events. Weddings top the list of extravagant ways to show off that old fashioned style with a modern flair. Here is the story of Mandy & Dilan

My husband and I had just such a wedding, and it was magical. I had already worn 1950’s inspired outfits for about eight years before our big day. Doing photoshoots in Pinup outfits befitting Bettie Grable or Marilyn Monroe. Soft wavy hair, winged eyeliner, ruby red lips, and lined stockings all go towards recreating a look from times past.

It’s a classy and sexy way to show off the best attributes of a Lady, in my opinion.

The day before our engagement (though I didn’t know it), my then-boyfriend took me shopping for a new dress. I settled for an elegant mid-length black dress, short sleeves with a beautiful embroidered Rose over your heart. Comfy and cute for our pre-planned day at The Getty Villa, my absolute favorite place! My hairstyle was inspired by Evelyn from the movie Pearl Harbor. Small victory rolls and hair curled down my back.

 Once there the next day, he popped the question! The search for my perfect ring began.Mandy engagement

Being a Gal who loves antiques and old fashioned trinkets, I originally wanted to find a ring in an antique shop, or online. I had in mind a diamond ring, small and reminiscent of Art Deco designs from the 1930s. It’d go perfectly with my style!

Rose gold princess Diana engagement ring

Photography by : Ig: paint_a_perfect_picture

A friend mentioned Princess Diana’s ring while we chatted about the subject one day, and I had an idea. My future husband was born in Sri Lanka, a place known for its beautiful gemstones and most of all blue sapphires. I located the very ring I wanted and knew it was perfect. A custom made, rose gold setting with a 1ct sapphire surrounded by diamonds—elegant, unique, one of a kind, and vintage looking. A ring fit for a Princess! And I bought it from a Sumuduni Gems at etsy. Their customer service and quality of the ring are impecable.

Our wedding day was perfect. December 21st, we gathered at the church at 10:30 am and went straight to our dressing rooms to get ready. The church itself was old, built-in 1939. The same place President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis married on March 4th, 1952. An old church, check, vintage dress? Check!

Vintage wedding dress of Mandy

My dress was a lucky find on Etsy. An original 1956 crème colored wedding gown with long lace sleeves and beading at the neckline. It was certainly unique, and I had to have it. My luscious crown-like veil also found online, a vintage piece along with my heels; clear Lucite heels with rhinestones embedded in them with a metallic butterfly on the toes. My outfit was complete with a hand made cascading bouquet my mother helped put together that morning.

My husband had gladly chosen a navy suit and rustic shoes to match our theme. We made a lovely pair as we met down the aisle. We said I do, and the rest is history.Navy blue wedding suite

At our small ceremony afterward, I slipped into another gown, a more comfortable 1950’s style white bridal-style dress I’d gotten some years ago. Our cake was three-tiered as was common in mid-century weddings. I took a lot of inspiration from seeing my great-grandmother’s wedding photos.

All in all, our passion for vintage fashion came through when planning our special events. We love simplicity and style. You can have both, and it’ll still be beautiful. Vintage style is something to have fun with, to mix it with modern if you’d like. It’s all about what makes you feel like a million bucks.Vintage fashion of mandy

What I’ve noticed is more young people are taking the initiative to dress how our grandparents did, to revive the fashion. At the same time, we are making it our own. Exploring new ideas, trends, and cultures is what life’s all about, and it’s fun to share our creativity with others. I implore you to do the same and enjoy it!

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Wedding Photography by Juliano Angelino