Now most of us like to buy things online but when it comes to buying an expensive item from online its a bit risky if you do not research well.

From this guide, you will learn how to buy sapphire jewelry without getting scammed.

First Research the Sapphire Market

Natural sapphires mainly come from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia, and the USA. First thing first, So visit your nearest local jeweler and get some pricing information.

Then ask the best price for the jewelry that you need to buy & don’t hesitate to ask prices. Normally they reduce prices if you ask.

then you want to see the color, cut, carat weight of sapphires and compare the prices.

And now you have a basic idea about the prices and colors of sapphires.

Learn About Sapphires

Now you can access anything within seconds thanks to the internet. Start to browse the internet and be through with sapphires.GIA education, Youtube, and certain forums will help to get a clear knowledge about sapphires, I have seen many people have shared their experiences when buying jewelry at Wedding bees.

Some Pro Tips When Buying Sapphire

1.      Don’t Buy Poor Cut Sapphires

Some sapphires have great cut but some are not. Buyers are so concerned about carat weight but not the quality of cut. Some stones have a huge bottom you should avoid stones like that or bid for a lower price. poor cut sapphiresIf the seller accepts a lower price then you can re-cut and get a beautiful stone from that. Also, some stones have a huge window like below one. That kind of stones do not spark that much so they are not attractive and sell at a lower price.window ,fish eye sapphire

2.      There are many lab-created sapphires sell higher prices than natural sapphires here is an example of that.

These types of stones come with different names such as, cultured sapphires, lab-grown sahires, synthetic sapphires etc. This is just a marketing trick. Do not fool with such names! You can see this peach sapphire engagement ring sell for $2800 with an 18k rose gold setting.

Fake sapphire rings

You can buy natural Ceylon peach sapphire ring less than $1800 with 1.5+ ct center stone. Don’t buy this kind of overpriced lab sapphires. Actually they have no value. Most sapphires are conflict-free. And mined with minimal impact on nature. So if you really care about nature you want to reject diamonds, not sapphires.

3. Start to Research About Online Sellers.

Etsy, Amazon,eBay are the most popular online market places right now, So you can start your research from there.

Let’s visit and search for “Natural Blue Sapphires “in the Etsy search box. Now Etsy shows thousands of results for natural blue sapphires.

Now we have to examine them deeply.

Right now I got these results from the first page on Etsy. (2020/04/23 )

Etsy search

Holly cow! sapphires are so cheap?

You can see AAA quality blue sapphire for a ring for $102.Let’s click on that listing and find out more.

fake sapphire

This is an image of the product description,

They said its AAA quality 100% Natural 8*6 mm blue sapphire ring, How cool that .8*6mm  mean its more than 1.5 ct. This is not natural sapphires this is 100% fake synthetic sapphires. Normally 1.5 ct Sapphire ring sell more than $2500+

Then I found this listing on Etsy here 2.28 ct Natural blue sapphire ring sells for $155 Normally,

quality of 2 ct blue sapphire sells more than $3000.

So you want to avoid this kind of fake sellers, they are everywhere. They sell their items through Amazon, Etsy,eBay, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

So if you see this kind of unusually low prices it means its a scam so avoid it and report it.

Also, these eCommerce sites should responsible for their search results. When we search for Natural blue sapphires, it shows fake sapphires on the first page.

It reduces the buyers’ interest and eventually loses the credibility of their sites. And it’s very harmful to sellers who sell real sapphire jewelry because their listings are buried in their search results.

There are so many genuine sellers in Etsy, Amazon,eBay, etc. so you need to find them.

Hope this guide will help to save some money from your pocket and not getting scammed in the online world.