Choosing a day to purpose your loved ones need to be special. Is there someone of whom you think, and there is tinkle in your mind? And are you looking for some special day that will do the trick? We have gathered the top 10 popular days for you so you may approach your beloved and ask them to marry you. Go and speak your heart out before it gets too late.10 popular days for engagement

If you are one of those who think that they have met their soulmates a long ago, then the very next thing you might be thinking is when the day will come when you will meet that someone special. There are different days like Thanksgiving Day and Valentine’s Day on which almost 40 percent of proposals and engagements occur.

If you are one of those who kept on thinking for the best day for the purpose of the love of your life, here are some of the special days.

1.      Christmas Day:

Christmas day is the day on which you can purpose your loved ones on the spur of the moment. You can easily get a YES on Christmas day. We suggest Christmas Day for you as it is the public holiday, and you can gather your close friends and family on the day you will ask your future partner to marry you.

It is the most suitable time as no one is in stress, and most of the couples are with their future spouse to celebrate Christmas.

2.      Christmas Eve:

It is a common tradition among some people to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas day. Families arrange to get together and dinners. You can add spice to the moment by purposing the one you want to live with FOREVER.

3.      New Year:

Want to make your New Year holiday mesmerizing? Most people love to purpose their future mates on the New Year night to add them in their life with changing year. It seems so exciting and lovely by giving a fascicle with a wedding ring to your soulmate on New Year night.

4.      Sunday before Christmas Eve:

Most of us already know that Sunday just before Christmas Eve is when most couples get committed to each other. For making Christmas Time more memorable and exciting, people consider purposing their loved ones on Sunday just before Christmas Eve.

5.      Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s day is a special day to purpose the love of your life and be with them for the left of your life. On this special day, everyone gives chocolates, flowers, and gifts to their loved ones; you can add a RING as a gift to ask out your soulmate.

6.      New Year eve:

New Year parties can become more delightful if you purpose the love of your life on this day. It is not a new thing that we might encounter proposals on New Year Eve. Some people want to add their beloved on this day in their life as they believe that New Year will bring a new change in their lives.

7.      The Saturdays just before Christmas:

People often do not wait for the big days as they want to add the one they love into their life as early as possible. Many people make their holidays best by adding special ones into their life and continuing the rest with them. The two Saturdays just before Christmas Eve are considered one of the most preferable days when people may ask their loved ones to stay by their sides for the rest of life.


8.      Sunday just before the Christmas:

Sunday is one of the days in which everyone wishes to stay happy, calm, and relaxed.  It is most likely that people may purpose whom they love on Sundays before Christmas.

9.      Last Saturday before Christmas:

Saturdays are considered as the starter of the holidays. Many people leave for enjoying the vacations wherever they want. You may purpose your dearest one on this day so you may enjoy all holidays celebrating your engagement and being with your soulmate.

10.       July 4th:

Summer vacations, in addition to Independence Day, can help in making the day memorable. Most people purpose their loved ones on this big day to enjoy holidays, Independence Day, and the special day of their life together.