Have you been invited to a wedding and are looking for a perfect message to accompany your well thought wedding gift? Well, writing a wedding card can be work bearing in mind you want it to be very personal, sweet and sentimental; you really need to put words to your feelings since the message reflects what the couple means to you.

The beauty about it is that there are no stone cast rules about it. All you need to do is write a heartfelt message with a positive message to the couple on their new endeavor. We’ll be sharing some tips and tricks that should kick you off. This should be fun!

Factors to consider

Before you compose your message, some few things you ought to pay attention to so that you come up with a message that is appropriate to your relationship with the couple.

How well do you know the couple?

Your relationship to the couple is certainly something to put into consideration. If you are close and have known them for a long time, then it’s okay to write a lengthy and sentimental message on the wedding card. You could even throw in some memories that you shared; you are allowed to get personal. 

However, if you are not so close to either the groom or the bride, it is safe to work with a brief and casual. Try to be straightforward; a quick congratulatory and warm wishes will work perfectly fine.

What’s their personality

You can’t afford to mess this;if you use a wrong tone you could end up insulting the couple while you did not mean any harm.The message on the card should be in sync with the personality of the couple. If the couple is reserved, then by all means you should be as formal as possible. For couples who are easy and playful, then you can go ahead and throw in a funny congratulatory message. 

Is the couple religious?

What’s their faith? Are they religious? If they are religious, you can go ahead to include some spiritual quote for the wedding card. You could consider a quote to encourage them to stick together through thick and thin. With this, you need to be careful to observe their faith; it would look bad if you quote a verse from a different faith from what they believe in.

Will you be attending the wedding?

In the event that you will not make it to the wedding, it is good to explain yourself to the couple and let them know that you wish you could be with them and that despite your absence, your thoughts are with them. Let them know that you feel really bad to have missed in on their special day. However, if you will be in attendance, then this is not necessary. 

How should a wedding card be written?

At least now you have a clue on what content you will be scribbling on the wedding card. But then how will you organize it such that it has a good flow? 

Address the couple

Always start off your message by addressing the couple. You could opt to work with “Mr. & Mrs XXX” or use their individual names. Whether you have a relationship with one of them or both, the wedding card message should be addressed to the both of them.

  • “Keagan and Anna”
  • “Mr. and Mrs. Mariano”

Congratulate them

No matter how much of a cliche this sounds, you have to congratulate the couple on their wedding. 

Wish them well

Here, you will craft some positive wishes for them on their new endeavour. Again depending on how deep your relationship is, you can be formal or write something long and sentimental. You could add some advice or just some insights into the new life.

Share some memories or advice (optional)

If you know them well, you could share some memories of maybe when they met their early dating days, just something that will add some emotions to them as they read out their card. Remember this is optional, you don’t have to add any memories if you are not up to it.

Express your gratitude/regret

You were chosen among so many other people that they know just to witness their union. Don’t take that for granted. Thank the couple for inviting you. In case you did not attend the wedding or will not be attending, please express your regret and let them know how much you would have loved to be with them on their beautiful day.

Sign Off

You can now end it off with some warm wishes and a signature. It is also okay to just congratulate them again.

  • With lots of love
  • Congrats Lovebirds

Tips on what to write in a wedding card

Address the couple. Being a congratulatory message on their unity, you should address them both as a sign that you recognize their oneness. Do not be tempted to address the one individual that you know best.

Be genuine. If you want to be sentimental with the wedding card, speak from the heart. However, don’t say that which you wouldn’t say in person.

Prepare yourself before writing the card. This is a very important moment for you and the couple. Before scribbling it out, have a moment with yourself, gather out your thoughts and note down or highlight what you will be writing on the card. Keep all the points discussed earlier in mind

Draft it out. To avoid cancelling out on the card, always write a first and second draft if necessary. Check the spellings and especially their names. Before you transfer to the wedding card, make sure everything is clean, you don’t want to appear clumsy.

Keep it short and sweet. Avoid the temptation of writing a whole essay, especially if you have known them forever. Be very brief, you could save the rest for a one on one.

Don’t get too personal. As much as you are writing from the heart, do not get too personal. Have some limits.

What to Write in a Wedding Card

Despite having all this information, you might be still jittery and wondering where or how to start. Just remember to be honest and do a heart to heart. We have compiled some few lines based on various levels of formality to kick you off. 

What to write in a wedding card coworker

  • “Thank you for allowing me to be part of this beautiful ceremony, Cheers to a new beginning.”
  • “I’m so happy that I have come to bond with you at work, I wish you and your loved one a happy marriage.”
  • “Congratulations on your newly acquired status. I can’t wait to see your new title on your email signature.”
  • “Best wishes on your marriage, wishing you love and happiness in all the days to come.”
  • “Wishing you and your wife/husband a happy marriage.”

What to write in a wedding card Casual

  • “Wishing you love and happiness all the days of your lives.”
  • “Best wishes to the newest couple in town.”
  • “Best wishes! Let the adventure begin”
  • “I/we hope that all your dreams will be fulfilled.”
  • “Wishing you an awesome future together.”
  • “I/we are excited to celebrate this day with the both of you.”

What to write in a wedding card cousin

  • “Congrats to my favourite cousin. Lots of love to the both of you.”
  • “We are happy to have this amazing soul officially join our family. Welcome!”
  • “We are so blessed to add a cousin onto the family, we wouldn’t be happier.”
  • “Yay! So excited to have another cousin. All my love to you guys!”
  • “Sending you love and happiness from your new family


What to write in a wedding card for a friend

  • “Of all the milestones we have celebrated together, this is top on the list. Congrats!”
  • “May you bring each other as much joy and happiness as our friendship has been to each other and more. Cheers!”
  • “We have laughed together so many times! May you always brighten each other’s lives with tears of joy.”
  • “Cheers to love and friendship!”
  • “You two beautiful souls were meant for each other. Wishing you love and happiness in your life together.

What to write in a wedding card funny

  • “Thank you for inviting us to free meals and drinks as you get married.”
  • “Congratulations! You found that one person who you get to annoy all the days of your life.”
  • “Arrgh! Life’s not fair for singles. I have been giving you gifts once a year. Now, i’ll have two birthday gifts plus an anniversary gift to buy. Congratulations buddy, i’m really happy for you.”
  • “You two go together like bread and butter. All the best.”
  • “It’s official, you are stuck together forever.Congrats!”

In conclusion

I bet by now you already have some drafts running through your mind. Please go ahead and scribble them down, follow the outline and you could as well add some of the shared quotes. Remember to simply write from the heart and  be genuine. Best wishes as you write a heartwarming wedding card.