Sri Lanka is the most famous gem island in the world and they supply precious gemstones since ancient times.

And the wold largest Sapphire gemstone also found in Sri Lanka at Rathnapur mines that were a Star sapphire and wight 1404.09 Ct .

Sri Lankan gem industry has its own culture and its so beautiful. At Ratnapura Sri Lanka they gathered to sell their uncut rough gems and cut and polished gems.

You can see the main three places in Ratnapura town that gem traders are gathered. They are “Aba gaha Mula gem market”, “Clock tower Gem market”, “Demuwawatha Gem market”,

 Ratnapura gem market-Sapphire lot

Clock Tower Gem Market.

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If you want to buy Good quality Rough gems for the lower price you can go Ratnapura before 7.00 am.Because mostly this place only active from 6.00 am to 9.00 am. Miners come here with their fresh stones with here and you can get good deals here. In this place, you can only see rough gems. After 9.00-9.30am Traders go to Aba Gaha Mula Gem Market.Mostly because they trade gems on the roadside and after 10.00 am they burn from the sun.

Aba Gaha Mula Gem Market.

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Mostly this place active 7 days in a week but most sellers do not come here to Sunday. At this place, you can find hundreds of gem dealers with rough gemstones. Here you can rent a small table to buy gemstones mostly it cost $30 for a month.

This place is so amazing and you can see Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim Gem traders and they all are very friendly.

Also at this place have some buggers you want to use your brain. And the main point if you are a foreigner many people come gather around you and offer so many gems. But don’t panic stay calm and do your business. If you want to refuse any stone don’t mind just refuse it. its the nature of the business always stays with good focus.

But our opinion if you do not know about rough gems do not go there.You have a place to visit cut and polish gems.

That is Demuwa Mawatha.

Demuwa Mawatha Gem Market.

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This is the most famous place to buy natural Ceylon Sapphires in Sri Lanka. Also here you can see mostly cut and polished gems. You can rent an office here if you like but no problem you can buy stones in the street. Also don’t be hurry to give your money to the dealer. If you like one of the stones get that stone and go to the nearest Gemological Lab. There is a mobile Gemology lab operated by Sri Lanka gem and jewelry authority. Mostly memo cart only costs near $7 USD.So then you are safe and not get rip off with synthetic gemstones. This street do million of dollars business and you can find some good gem cutters in this street.

Mostly if you visit here its a very good choice to get a good guide for that. You can contact Mr Suranga for guide you to buy some good gems for the reasonable price .+94769451695 (Whatsapp)

Keep in mind that don’t be a hurry to buy gemstones be very careful and give money after confirming the stone from the gemological lab.

Also, all these three markets are located near a 200m distance.If you are a gem trader you must visit Ratnapura to see how this market functions and all the things.