Much time and resources are spent on the bride’s gown, with less consideration to the groom. However, as much as the bride has to be stunning, Grooms Wear Trendswe also have to be intentional with the man of the day, after all he will be standing by her side all day long. Whatever outfit you decide to work with, just make sure that he is comfortable in it, after all for men comfort always beats style.

Let it be flattering

When choosing the grooms attire, remember it’s his day too, he’s got to look exceptionally special. You don’t have to go the conventional or traditional way. Get something that flatters his physique. For example, if he’s short, go for a coat with a tail. This will really enhance the look.

Traditional Wedding Suits Never Fade the Glory 

Though considered traditional, wedding suits will always be timeless and trendy. With various options to choose from, the groom will always stand out in a wedding suit. The iconic morning suit is ideal for a formal wedding. The morning suit mostly features a coat with a long tail – knee or calf length. Mostly, the coat works well in grey or black with some pinstripe pants and accessorized with a hat. groomA pale colored shirt is a perfect complement for the morning suit. When coupled with a place colored shirt, the morning suit is a perfect statement of class and elegance.

If you are looking for something simple, a normal suit would be a great option. It is a great idea to have it tailored to a perfect fit then accessorize it with a cravat and a waistcoat, probably with a neutral color or matching the bridesmaids’ dresses color.

Casual Attires

A free spirited groom wanting to get out of the box might want to do a more casual outfit. A pair of jeans or khaki pants coupled with a blazer will pull perfect casual attire for the groom. To add a statement of fashion to this look, the blazer could be textured, striped, polka dotted or even checked.

Other considerations


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Always make sure that they are well coordinated with the boutonnieres and they should be in sync with the bridesmaids’ dresses.Remember to accessorize the look with watches, cufflinks, pocket squares ties and boutonnieres. Have the weather in mind, if your wedding is in winter; always work with a heavy fabric with wool to keep the groom warm. The same case goes for the summer weddings, have light fabric like linen in mind when choosing his attire.