Before Queen Victoria’s Ivory gown, brides used to have bright colors on their wedding dresses. For a bride looking to get out of the norm in the 21st century, a colored gown is definitely worth the shot. It speaks boldness, daring and free spirit.Colourful Wedding Dresses

Having said that, let’s see some of the colors that you could work with. After white and ivory, champagne and blush pink wedding dresses are the most sort after wedding dress colors. They bring a vintage and romantic feel.  In 2012, Jessica Biel wore a gown with some bright shade of pink, while in 2011 Reese did a blush pink A-line gown.

Blue is the color of royalty. It is a symbol of honesty, loyalty and trust; qualities that are essential in building up a marriage.

It is definitely worth having them represented at the beginning of your union. You could opt to go for the traditional royal blue way or opt for a more chic wedding dress look with some powder blue like Queen Elsa from Frozen.

If you are looking to speak royalty, dignity, power and ambition, the purple is the way to go. Purple flowers are considered delicate and precious so a purple wedding dress will certainly send a message to the groom and the guests at large. What you are telling him is, “I present this precious and delicate flower, please be gently and take good care of it”Peach wedding dresses

Gray wedding dresses have also become a thing. The beauty of it is the fact that you can play around with by layering other colors beneath and again you can use any combination of flowers. It is very versatile and fun to work with.

Gray wedding dresses are soft and romantic. They are a bit toned down hence they make perfect wedding colors for winter and fall weddings.Here are some colorful wedding dresses to get an idea.