Having your nuptials by the ocean on the white sandy beaches and the blue ocean as the backdrop is one of the most romantic experiences. Beach weddings are considered less formal in comparison to the church weddings. If you plan to hold a beach wedding, you have to make a lot of considerations when choosing your wedding gown. It has to be very comfortable.Boho wedding dress

With this in mind the bohemian style is the most appropriate style for your beach wedding. It’s simple, comfortable, flowing and it’s free nature makes it best suited for the beach wedding. The idea is to have a free flowing dress with a smooth and soft silhouette, which can then be complemented by some bouncy curly hair.

The length of the dress and the train is also something to put into consideration. Shorter dresses and trains are ideal in the beach wedding since they will not give you a hard time looking after them not to get wet or tangled in sand.beach wedding dress lace

Strapless wedding dressed have so much fabric that is used to help support the dress so it is a great idea to stay clear of those. Since they are tight and heavy, they are likely to be uncomfortable and hot. A strapped or one shoulder dress could be perfect. With this, you could also get a little extra and have it backless since its well supported on the shoulders with the straps.  To add some detail on the dress, some lace on the straps is a much welcome idea. Think about it, simple free flowing and a backless wedding dress with some laced spaghetti straps; is this not the ultimate definition of sexy?Backless Beach wedding dresses

The beach will definitely be hot hence it’s always a good idea to work with light fabric. Chiffon, light satin or tulle are some great options to consider.