Nowadays sapphire jewelries are very popular and it’s great to know how to take care of your sapphire at home with simple tactics.

You can easily clean your sapphire ring at home and let’s break down it to simple steps.

Before jump to that, follow the below simple steps to preserve the shiny, gleamy look of your fine piece of jewelry for the long term.

Sometimes you buy this kind of fine jewelry only once for a lifetime, especially when it comes to your wedding ring or engagement ring. So you need to give special attention as they are expensive and have a great story behind that piece of jewelry.

  • First advise, do not wear your fine jewelry when bathing!
  • Don’t swim with your sapphire ring on, especially at a pool. It will decolorize due to the presence of chlorine in the pool.
  • Don’t store sapphire jewelry with diamonds. Since diamonds are harder than sapphire it tends to scratch the sapphire.
  • Don’t store sapphire with other gems like aquamarine, Spinal, Garnets etc. because the second hardest stone is the sapphire first one is diamond so it will create scratch marks in other soft gemstones when rubbed with sapphires.
  • When store sapphire gems or sapphire jewelry store them separately. Store your each piece of jewelry in separate individual boxes.
  • Avoid using thick lotions, it will buildup some residue and it will look like dirt on the jewelry and also decolorized the jewelry with long-term exposure.
  • Avoid ware your fine sapphire rings and jewelry when cooking.

Food particles and oil will stick with your ring setting and it will hard to remove and without knowing you will hit hard surfaces and it will cause scratch marks and sometimes will loosen the prongs.

Okay then, let’s jump to clean your sapphire ring, it”s easy and simple. Within a few minutes and it will bring its beauty back and will remind your good old memories.

You want only mildly warm water and any kind of mid dish washing liquid.

Cleaning sapphire ring

Fill a small bowl with mild hot water and dish washing detergent and mix it well. Place your sapphire ring or jewelries about 10-15 minutes to soak. It will help to loosen residues.

And then you need to gently scrub your sapphire and jewelry with a clean toothbrush. Don’t rush, take time and clean it properly.

Make sure to clean the pavilion of sapphire to get the luster back. Wipe it with clean gem polishing cloth or clean cotton cloth.

Give it some time to dry completely and use a clean gem polishing cloth or a clean cotton cloth and rub gently the surface of the stone and rub the metal to bring more shine.

At the end, you will have the shiny appearance of your jewelries back. Make sure to clean your sapphire jewelries more frequent intervals around 2-3 months and give special care when your ware your fine jewelries.

Hope this guide will help to clean and care your sapphire rings and jewelries.