12 days of Christmas, a song that most of us know and often sing it. And has anybody noticed about the verse of rings on fingers? Yes, the lucky golden rings. But does anybody knows that on which finger the golden rings must be puts on?

This mystery remained unsolved, but we will solve this by our knowledge about the rings. Just like your date of birth affects you and your behaviour, rings also do. Let’s solve the mystery of rings on the fingers.

Rings on fingers sing on mind:

Rings, the most essential part of jewellery, can affect you, your relations, behaviour, and life. Let’s dig into this topic before wasting time. We will explain one by one about all the fingers. Hope this article will help you choose your rings.

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Rings on Fingers of the right hand

Right Thumb ring:

Rings on your fingers makes a deep impact on your life. Let’s talk about the right thumb ring. Here is a table for the right thumb finger.

Does not says about Says about
Personal relations Personal traits(male, female)
Position in society
Marital status


Personal Traits:

The ring on the right thumb indicates unique traits. If someone of you wears a ring on the right thumb, then you are too flexible and can adapt the changes according to a Chinese saying.

But according to recent research, males and females possess different traits.


Males who wear rings on the right thumb are bossy and show off too much.


Females wearing rings on thumbs indicate that they are most likely to be a tomboy and are stubborn as hell.

It is also noted that most of the Aries men and women wear rings on the thumb.

Right Index finger:

There are two beliefs regarding the right index finger. One group believes that nothing happens to wear the ring on the right index finger. Still, according to some traditions and cultures, the person who wants to be powerful has a deep connection with the right index finger.rose gold diamond ring

Another popular belief is that people who wear the ring on the right index finger are super obedient. Chinese philosophy also says this. What do you think?

Right middle finger ring:

As the middle finger is the largest in size, it symbolizes its own uniqueness. The same is for the people who wear the ring. They are independent, unique, and has their own superimposing nature.

Astrological sayings:

Astrology says a lot about rings on fingers. According to astrology, the right middle finger is linked with planet Saturn. Well, it’s amazing that Saturn has rings too. So it has its own uniqueness.

Wearing a ring on the right middle finger brings balance to life. The Chinese philosophy says that wearing a ring on this finger can help choose between what is right and what is wrong. Wearing this ring, you can analyze the situations, find unique ways to figure out, and then make an independent decision.

Right Ring finger:

In countries like Russia, Norway, Holland, Greece, and Cuba, people wear wedding rings on the right hand. In other states, the divorced person or widowed person wears a ring on the right ring finger.

Right Ring finger:

There is nothing about a personality that links with the right finger so far.

Right Pinky finger:

Although the finger is smaller but shows a deep hidden meaning. Wearing rings on a finger can show your professional status too. A Pinky finger ring shows your professional status. The ring indicates your degree and how proficient you are in the field.

Right Pinky finger

These finger rings are cute, though, and are made of iron or stainless steel.

Rings on fingers of the left hand:

Right Thumb rings:

It is the same as the left thumb finger. It shows your personality. If you tend to be a confident, fashionable, and charming person, then wearing a ring on the right thumb will make out ways for you.

Right Thumb rings

The Chinese philosophy says that if you are assertive, you must be wearing a ring on the right thumb.

Left Index finger:

The most noticeable finger so far. This ring shows a lot about your personality and your traits that make you prominent.

Astrological sayings:

Astrology says that the left index finger is ruled by Jupiter. It shows the power and status of the person. The person who prioritizes their family is most usual to wear the ring on the left index finger.

Chinese says that if you have a ring on the left index finger, you will be more likely to be superior and want to be in charge of everything.

Left middle finger:

The ring on the left middle finger does not say a lot about anything. The people who are self-conscious, beauty freaks, and are obsessed by their own selves can wear this ring on the finger.

Left ring finger:

Well, most of us directly link rings on fingers with certain relationships. People wearing left ring fingers are always assumed to be married or engaged. Still, talking beyond the boundaries, it says more than this.

People living in the west and wearing these rings on the left ring finger are married under the law. It shows that you are committed to your loved one, as it is believed that this finger’s vein directs towards the heart.

Left pinky finger:

The two rings on this finger often show that person is married.

Wearing rings on fingers and personality indications:


Shows manliness nature, and it indicates that you are powerful and independent.

Index fingers:

The right index finger shows power, while people wearing a ring on the left index are born leaders.

Index finger rings indicate that you are not naïve. Still, you are loyal and honest and can easily recognize those who want to do bad with you.

Middle fingers:rings on middle fingers meaning

Experts say that women should wear rings on their fingers. Wearing rings on middle fingers indicates that you are a peacemaker, a balanced and harmonized person. You have an appealing personality and are lively if you wear rings on middle fingers.

Ring fingers:

Being single and wearing rings on fingers supposed to be for committed persons indicates that you are loving and romantic. If you wear the ring on the ring finger, then it is considered that you might be emotional, sensitive, and caring. Large rings indicate your passion, and small rings indicate that you have a not good relation.

Pinky fingers:

It shows that those who wear rings on the pinky finger are friendly, talks a lot, and have a strong connection with friends and family.

What do you say? Which personality do you have? Hope it was fun reading the article.