God has created everything unique and full of mysteries. The same goes for the human body, there are thousands of secrets in the human body that God has created, and those secrets remain a mystery. Talking about the human body, males and females have different bodies, and there are different facts about the body.

Let’s discuss the 10 facts of the female body:

Flexible necks of the female body:

Have you ever noticed that women are more flexible than men? The men usually turn their body while turning the necks while females do not do it. They can easily turn their necks without turning their body. It is a sign of flexibility.

10 facts about the female body

Although women tend to have a flexible neck, the female body is more delegate. There is a 1.8% chance of neck injury in females more than males. Females can have severe neck disorders, including stiffness, numbness, burning, or many other diseases. It is recommended to see a doctor if females are facing such issues.

Sensitive hear:

Women can hear more accurately than men. They have a keen hearing sense that helps them in listening to voices even when they are sleeping.

According to biology, it is because of the evolutionary process in female bodies. Women are sensitive in hearing to hear their babies’ voices even when they are in sleep. Women can hear low tone voices of their babies when they are in sleep.

It does not mean that they can hear anything like the wind blowing outside the house or any animal creeping in the house. But this means they hear the voices that are close to them. But it is not associated with all women; some women can notice the voices in sleep.

Australian researchers have studied that women are more prone to day time sleep. If they face lag of sleep, they can feel fatigued and even memory loss problems too.

Size of breasts:

The breasts are different in size. Sometimes they are noticeable, and sometimes there is a slight difference only that nobody can notice.

women brest

The variation in size occurs due to several reasons. The main reasons include the size of tissues and tissue bags in breasts and the body’s elasticity and muscles in breasts.

It is nothing to be worried about. The female body has its unique features, and they cannot be denied. Breast size does not matter at all if you have good health.

More Rational:

It is often thought that men are rational, and women are emotional. But scientists have proven it wrong. The female brain has a thicker cerebral cortex, which makes them more rational than men.men cry

Women are considered fragile like petals, but one must know that women are more rational than men. We have created gender stereotypes; otherwise, men are more emotional and do not want to hurt anyone emotionally. On the other hand, women tend to think smartly as they are intelligent than men, and they listen to what their brain says to them.

Prone to cellulite:

98% of women have cellulite, and 2% of men have cellulite. It is considered to be a bad thing on the female body. People often think that the extra weight or the fat cells accumulate in different parts of the body. Rather the story behind this is totally different. Women have cellulite to distinguish their body parts from men. These are not fat cells other than that. These are the parts of the body.

Only 1 woman among 40 women does not have cellulite on the body, so you do not need to worry about it and consider it really bad. These are really important to the body.

Drinks faster:

The women’s tissues have 40% less water than men. It is the reason why women get drunk faster. When intake alcohol, they get drunk faster because it stays in the stomach for a while before absorbing into the blood. This makes women get dizzy faster and get drunk faster, pro tip to save alcohol.

woman drink more water than mens

A study shows that women sweat less as they have less water in their tissues. It is a good thing, as women do not have to suffer from the bad odor of sweet. But another thing is that they feel combusted in hot weather and get short of breath. Not only this but the HB of women 12% less than men.

Stronger Attachments:

The female body has a rational side, but they have an emotional side too. They get attached to people more quickly than males. Women have a strong emotional side too.

The reason behind this is the oxytocin level. Women have a relatively high oxytocin level than men. Oxytocin increases the emotional level of women. It creates a feeling of affection among them. They can easily get attached due to the oxytocin level.

The main reason behind mother and child deep relation is the higher oxytocin level in the female body than in the male body. Not only this oxytocin helps in breastfeeding.

Bodies keep changing:

Women body keeps growing in size even after the twenties. It can grow bigger and bigger if there is no proper care taken of the body. If you are in a teenager, you should start maintaining your body because it’s not too late.

As women face bone diseases such as osteoporosis, they should intake multivitamins and more healthy food. Not only this, women should intake more milk, almonds, and bananas to avoid bone diseases in the future.

For keeping muscles active, flexible, and strong regular exercises must be done. Not only the body but the brain also changes with time. It means women can make a more sensible decision than men in a shorter period.

Hard-wired brain:

Dr.Verma observed neural patterns of 428 males and 521 females age between 8 to 22 in the University of Pennsylvania. He concluded that women’s left and right hemispheres are strongly connected than men, which helps them be socially more active and become more responsive. It is a scientific explanation that men are from mars and women from Venus.

Blond hair:

Caucasian men have black hair more than females, females have blond hair. The most recent research shows that blond hair genes get dominates in females but not in males, and it is why more women have blond hair.

Female body and facts:

Females are the most beautiful gift of God, and they have relatively unique things that men do not possess. Not only this female body language says it all. Their feelings cannot be hidden from their body language. If a woman likes you, she will fold arms in front of you at her belly, but she will fold hands on her chest if she is not comfortable. There are more signs that women express through the body to take a closer look at them.