With all the fuss around vintage weddings, you definitely want a wedding dress that is in sync with the theme. When going for a vintage dress, you could either get an original, one that actually comes from the 19th century or gets a vintage inspired wedding gown.



This means a dress that leaves a classical statement in the 21st century yet it is inspired by the 19th century; it takes you back to time. It has a vintage aspect in it. With this in mind, you do not really have to run to your grandma’s closet to fetch her wedding gown – unless it’s tradition. The vintages are quite interesting to work with and there’s a whole variety to choose from, depending on how deep you want to get.

The unique look of the classical Victorian wedding dress speaks beauty and boldness. It was this dress that set a whole new tradition of having white wedding dresses.

The trend was set by Queen Victoria who, instead of wearing a blue or green wedding dress, which was the tradition in the 19th Century, she wore an ivory gown. Characterized by the hour glass shape, the Victorian wedding dress has a tiny waist, a body shaping bodice and a full skirt that is worn with hopped petticoat. This dress is simple, unique and is perfect for an enthusiast of vintage.Simple Vintage wedding Dress

On the other hand, the bohemian wedding dress is comfortable, relaxed and free spirited, with less protocol, so to say. Its’ main characteristic is its’ flowing and unstructured design. The bohemian wedding dress would best suit a modern open minded bride. It’s ideal for summer, beach, outdoor and rustic weddings. It comes in a variety of styles which include; off shoulder, backless, loose long sleeve, short, crocheted fabric and lace. The bohemian wedding dress is certainly easy and fun to work with.