Here we found some natural  Sapphire rings sell under $1000 in 2021. These rings are unique and affordable. We know it’s a headache to find a great deal by browsing online. So we did the hard work. Here are some perfect sapphire ring collections that we found.  Let’s dive into these magnificent handmade 5 sapphire rings for under $1000 dollars.

How much does a sapphire ring cost?

Now sapphires are so popular among modern brides so sapphires prices increase day by day.  When you shopping for a sapphire ring it will great if you start from this post read the ultimate sapphire ring guide.
We know diamonds price determines based on 4cs .This same theory apply for the sapphires .Sapphires prices based on these factores
Carat Weight 
Country of origin 
Blue, Peach, Padparadscha sapphires are the most expensive colors, Also if carat size is less than 1 cart probably the price is quite low. Let’s say  1-carat blue sapphire price is $1400 same color 2-carat blue sapphire will price over 4000 USD  in the retail market.
So now you have an idea about sapphire prices. So let’s jump to our rings collection that under $1000 dollars.

 01 Unique Three Stone Peach Sapphire ring Handmade with 14k yellow gold.

three stone peach sapphire ring

Simple and one of a kind natural peach sapphire ring features clear sparkling round peach sapphire stone. The stone is so beautiful and well cut . Peach sapphire rings are so popular for their feminine color. So this ring sells for under $1000 at Etsy . You can see more videos and photos of this peach sapphire ring by visiting

02 Unique 7 Stone Lavender Sapphire Diamond Ring.

lavender sapphire ring
A stunning minimalist natural lavender sapphire ring handmade with 14k Rose Gold. It’s really beautiful and perfect as a promise ring or birthday gift. This stone has a soft light blue color with purple. Center stone is VVS quality and very clear stone. This 7 stone ring features tiny VVS clarity G color diamonds weight 0.01 ct each. After considering all these factors,it’s a great deal under a thousand dollars. You can see the price and details here.

03.Natural Teal Sapphire Diamond Ring 14k Yellow Gold.

three stone blue sapphire ring

This beautiful ring is made with 14k yellow gold and features a beautiful spark round blue sapphire center stone. Site stones are natural unheated white sapphires in a pear shape. I personally think white sapphires are the best alternative for diamonds. this ring also great as an anniversary gift or birthday gift. If you like to find out more detail about this natural blue sapphire ring you can visit here .

04 Extraordinary Blue Sapphire Diamond Halo Ring

Oval halo blue sapphire ring
Yes we all love halo setting but with the plain band? How it looks yes its perfect. Look at this beautiful halo sapphire ring handcraft by yellow gold this is quite feminine and lovely.This price tag is crazy for this kind of natural Ceylon blue sapphire ring think this is the perfect ring if you are looking to buy a sapphire ring under $1000.
All the diamonds are natural conflict-free. The main stone is natural from Ceylon and perfect oval cut so this one is will be her favorite gift all the time. For price and more photos ->

05 Pear  Shape Blue Sapphire Ring 14k White Gold

Pear shape blue sapphire ring white gold
This is 0.55 ct Pear shape natural blue sapphire ring handmade with solid 14k yellow gold. Very beautiful and simple design showcase the beauty of tiny natural blue sapphire ring you can give this as a gift for your lovely wife or mom or girlfriend.For price and more photos ->
So hope we pic some beautiful blue sapphire rings under $1000 dollars, most of the rings are shipping free and they come with gift boxes. So hope you love this nice sapphire ring collection. If so make sure to share it with your friends. Let’s meet another affordable sapphire ring collection.