Wedding: A wedding is particularly thought to be very expensive which would cause at least anywhere between 25 thousand to 35 thousand dollars and that too for an average one. Here are some amazing wedding tips to easy your budget issues and also improvise on your budget wedding ideas.


So, if you don’t want to spend that much amount on a single day and still want to make it look flamboyant, then keep going through the article.

Amazing Wedding Tips At About $5000 Budget

A wedding is not just a ceremony where two people are united in marriage but also two families and two souls get united. Everyone irrespective of a male or female, wants this day to be their best day. But there are also many people who would either not just want to spend too much on a day or rather have budget-related issues.

Here is a list of tips in which you can save thousands of dollars and still have a splendid and flamboyant wedding-

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1.   Venues:

Venues are easily the biggest price tag for any wedding. It can easily cost you anywhere between $5000 to $8000 or even more depending on your area. Now looking at churches, they can charge you anywhere from $1000 to $1500 for a 30 minutes tips

So, it’s better if you can hold the ceremony at your home or anywhere outdoors.

02.  Photographers/Videographers:

This can easily be the second most expensive price tag for your wedding. As everyone wants to capture the moments of this day. But depending on the area and experience, the price range of photographers and/or videographers can be very extravagant. As for an average photographer, it would be a budget of $3000 easily.budget wedding

So, it’s better to get a new photographer or someone who is looking up to build their portfolio. Get them then when they are starting their business as you may get a cheaper price as well as some freebies.

03.   Wedding Invitees:

Wedding invites can be very expensive and add up a crazy amount to your budget.So, you can make them on your own watching various videos available on youtube. Or you can hire a freelancer who is just beginning their career on any freelancing platform and get the work done very cheaply.

04.    Table Decor:

The table decors or in general the decorative items can add up a surprising amount to your budget. For a small number of invitees say for just 200 guests, you would need at least around 40 to 50 tables depending on the number of people sitting on each table.

wedding flower deco

So, the best thing that can be done is to get some greenery to the table. You can visit a store and get some greenery pieces with red roses or you can also get some small flower vases, design a beautiful label using any free editing software and add the names of the particular guests with the table number, paste them to the vase, and put them on the table.
You can also hire a new freelancer on any freelancing platform to get the editing job done very cheaply.

05.   Food:

Food is perhaps one of the most important areas to minimize your budget. As even for a $10 per plate, you can easily spend $2000 for just 200 table desing

So, what you can do is to introduce some unique food. You can introduce some sandwiches like snacks or pizza bars. Or you can also put the food theme into a breakfast theme. There are many different ways to tackle this situation, get a little creative, and choose the one which suits you the best.

06.    Hair and Makeup:

When it comes to Hair and Makeup, some brides pay for their bridesmaid’s makeup while some don’t. Most importantly, hair and makeup can be done without a professional doing it.

bride hair and makup

You just need to look around in your family and friends, someone must be there who knows at least to do a decent makeup. For your hairstyle, you can depend on your style and preference.
Even if you hire someone, get someone who has a decent experience, wants to make a new start-up in hairstyling or makeup, and also charge comparatively less.

07 Cake and Dessert:

Cakes can be expensive especially if you want to take it for everyone. Apart from this, if you go to someone who is a ‘wedding cake specialist’, you must know that you are going to spend a lot more there

wedding cake

So, the one thing that can be done is to get a good looking wedding cake just to cut it. And for the guest, you can have donuts or some other dessert which would be again pocket-friendly.

08.    Drinks and Bars:

Having Bars or just alcohol at your wedding can be very expensive. If you are having a venue for your wedding, ask them first if they allow alcohol to bring from the outside or you just need to use their bars and bartenders. It would be extravagantly expensive to use their bars and bartenders.

drink and bars at wedding

So, what you can do is to bring alcohol from the outside if possible. Alternatively, you can provide some complimentary drinks to the guests.

09.    DJ:
If you want the reception to be fun and give it a party like a feel then you must have a good DJ at your party. And hiring a DJ can be a bit expensive for your budget.

So, you can have a playlist full of songs and some speakers to have your guests dancing and enjoying the party rather than just standing and staring at each other.

10. Wedding Dress:

A wedding dress is another item that can cost you heavily. Having their wedding dress look extremely gorgeous and beautiful is the dream of every person. But it is not that good looking wedding dress is always too expensivewedding dress

You can do two things here,  buy a piece of fabric for your wedding dress and buttons, etc whichever you like at a very cheap price at around $100 and then give it to someone to stitch it beautifully.
Or, you could go to consignment shops and buy a wedding dress and then pay someone to tweak it a bit and there you have your beautiful bridal dress that would be somewhere around $500.


So, the wedding is an unforgettable and memorable day in every person’s life. So you must take some wedding tips to make your day a more remarkable one and also even if you have a low budget, you must not compromise too much on this day. Instead, you must budget wedding ideas and celebrate this day.

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