What is Padparadscha Sapphire

The world of Jewelry is fascinated by the Padparadscha Sapphire due to its unusually rare color combinations that have dazzled the gem enthusiasts around the world. Named after the blossoming lotus which is an iconic aquatic flower popular in Sri Lanka Padparadscha Sapphire is highly regarded as the rarest sapphire to be found on earth.

The alluring Padparadscha Sapphire

Discovered from Sri Lanka this Sapphire was widely believed to be endemic to the small island until it was rediscovered from East Africa and Madagascar. Yet its widely acknowledged that the authentic Padparadscha is found only in Sri Lanka.The tone of this stone range from Pink to Orange creating illusions within the stone when light is reflected into it.

Round Padparadscha Sapphire Yet another unique feature to this gemstone would be the way its value is judged. Generally, the more saturated the color the value of the stone is considered to be high, Yet when it comes to Padparadscha Sapphire a medially set tone an average saturation is known to be the most demanded and the most priced. Pale colors known as Pastel colors in gem terminology marks the high-end price lines for Padparadscha stone.

The density of this unique stone is outmatched by only the diamonds this guarantees the eternal existence of the stone you purchase. Given the characteristics, this magically attractive stone would be an ideal selection to represent love ones has for another due to the trait of eternity linked to the stone.  Often selected for premium quality jewelry due to the longevity promised Padparadscha boasts superiority that’s worthy by only with exquisite taste.

When the stones are processed to be polished and cut stones lapidarist are expected to preserve the stone much as possible, which results in asymmetrical patterns that would make these stones even more unique.

Authentic Padparadscha stones need to be identified via a trusted and responsible seller as the untrained eye could be deceived by cheaper stones that are treated to look extremely identical.

Values of Padparadscha Sapphire

Known to summon calmness Padparadscha Sapphire can set the clarity in one’s mind bringing inner peace to the wearer. The gentle pink tone of the stone represents an abundance of creativity coupled with love and romance that sets itself apart from lust. The orange variation pours the sensation of passionate devotion coupled with enthusiastic traits adored by the ones who feel that connection with the stone when they are to first set the eye on Padparadscha stone.

Wafting enormous energy wearers are expected to be gifted with prudence and vitality that would set forth a new dimension in a person’s life. Upon the achieved clarity and calmness with the help of stone wearers will reach new heights by defeating the inner darkness while being truly conscious.

Padparadscha sapphire pricing

It’s known that the prices of gemstones are spread across a wide dimension considering qualities such as the how rare is to find such stone and the size. Also, factors like the clarity of the stone how neat are the cut and polishing of the stone is done will be carefully monitored. The fact that if a stone is heat-treated or not carries an impact on the Let’s discuss how these factors of Padparadscha are valued in the world.

When it comes to pricing it important that we ensure the stone that you are looking for is authentic and not an artificial one. Obviously the authentic stones carry way higher price tags than the artificially created cheap stones that will not last longer or has the same useful effects on the wearer.

A 2.0 carat natural 100% authentic non heat-treated GIA Type 2 stone from Sri Lanka is valued at about 7000 USD in global market. A similar 0.66 carats natural Padparadscha stone mined and natively cut in Sri Lanka would be priced around 700 USD. In the current gem market, a 1.4 carat stone with no artificial treatments with GIA type 2 will be sold with a price tag that marks 3200 USD.

A heat-treated 1.46 carats Padparadscha sapphire will be available to purchase around 2500.00 USD  hence its clearly seen that the authenticity of a sapphire carries a huge impact on the final price tag of the stone.

Also if you are purchasing from Sri Lanka directly from a reputed gen agency the then you could expect to find quality stones below the average marked at the global market.

Padparadscha sapphire engagement rings

Padparadscha Sapphire engagement ring white gold

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When you want to paint your love story with exotified senses it’s an absolutely a great option to pick a Padparadscha sapphire engagement ring that will boast the classiness for ages due to its simple but long-lasting elegance. With the touch of Padparadscha, your engagement ring will represent devotion and romance. The sensation of the ring will reflect true love that’s set itself apart from lust.

Artificially created Padparadscha – Lab-created Padparadscha

There are fully lab-created Padparadscha stones that run a chemical processed based on a very refined set of elements and compositions to bring out a final outcome of Al2O3 (Corundum). These stones are typically priced low due to the fact they are not natural and haven’t gone through the natural evolution process so it’s doubted that it will have the same effect on the wearer compared to natural stone.

Yet another variation is the natural Padparadscha that goes through a process of heat treatment where it will be done with or without chemical components like Beryllium that will intensify the color of sapphire. These treated sapphires will be priced a bit below 100% authentic stones but above the lab-created stones. Certainly these treatments are accepted in the modern Gem and jewelry worlds.